Metz city
31 January 2019

The city of Metz will host the meeting of G7 Environment Ministers in May 2019

With France taking on the presidency of the G7 in 2019, the city of Metz has been chosen to host the meeting of G7 Environment, Oceans and Energy Ministers which will be held on 5 and 6 May this year.

"A metropolitan centre in the East of France, the city of Metz has for a long time been committed to ecological transition and serves as an example where environmental action is concerned. The commitments undertaken by the city make it an outstanding ambassador of French mobilisation to tackle the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss."
François de Rugy
Ministre d’État, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition

Metz has been chosen as host city of the G7 Environment Ministers’ meeting following a selection process in which the cities of Strasbourg, La Baule and Rennes also took part. The Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition underlines the excellent quality of their candidacies, thanks them warmly and applauds their efforts in supporting ecological transition.

The city of Metz was chosen on the basis of several factors.

Located within just a few dozen kilometres of Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg, the city is at the heart of Western Europe and close to some of our key European partners.

Furthermore, for several years it has been committed to taking environment challenges increasingly into consideration in its public policies. In fact, it has made reducing the city’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions an overriding policy objective:

  • It has thus spent more than €200 million on its energy policy, which in particular has led to the construction of a biomass plant, the creation of a wind farm and the development of a photovoltaic plant.
  • It has embarked on an ambitious policy to improve its energy performance by investing more than €20 million in insulating its public buildings.
  • It has revamped its public transport network by developing the tramway and improving accessibility.

Through the mobilisation of elected representatives and local residents, one third of the city’s energy mix is now composed of renewable energies, which is a higher share than the target set by France for 2030.

Metz is also a multicultural city with a global outlook, which will prove an excellent showcase for France on the international stage.

Finally, it is equipped with all the facilities necessary for hosting an event of international importance, with the creation of a new Conference Centre which opened in September 2018 and which will host the event in May.

To this end, the city will receive the full support of the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, both in preparation for and during the event.