French President Macron and Tech for Good Summit participants
24 May 2018

Tech for Good Summit: digital stakeholders make concrete commitments for the common good

On 23 May, the President of the Republic welcomed at Elysée Palace sixty or so digital CEOs for the Tech for Good summit to talk about how technology can contribute to the common good. Rwandan President Paul Kagame was among the guests.


Amid mounting doubt over the impact that technology is having on the community, Emmanuel Macron wished to galvanise private stakeholders into acting for the common good: "it is very important that we join together in looking at what can be done to improve the social situation and inequality, and that we tackle these collective challenges together," he said.

The way in which technology can have a positive social impact was addressed from 3 angles:

  • The workplace: question of task automation, use of technology to improve training, issues regarding human-machine interaction, etc.
  • Education: how we can harness technology to enhance access to knowledge (MOOCs, adaptive learning, etc.)
  • Gender equality and diversity: issues concerning digital inclusion and diversity in the digital sector.

Headline pledges

After the summit, several digital stakeholders, startups and multinationals alike, announced concrete commitments.

  • Uber will offer free health insurance to its 150,000 drivers in Europe (including 35,000 in France), rounding off the limited cover they receive as self-employed workers.
  • Deliveroo will invest €100m in France over the next two to three years.
  • IBM will create 1,400 jobs in France over the next two years, in addition to the 400 it announced back in March in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. A partnership is also set to be launched with the Ministry of National Education to train youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Accenture will fund training for 150,000 people struggling to find work between now and 2020.
  • OpenClassrooms, a French training startup, is pledging to train 1 million people worldwide every year, from 2025. The online learning platform will also train Manpower’s 250,000 temps in France.
  • Microsoft will recruit a hundred or so AI specialists in France.
  • Intel has announced a partnership with the Institut Curie to use AI in oncology.
  • Stripe will support the development of 100,000 new French businesses over five years.