Musicians perform as images are projected onto the building at the Palais Royal after the "Meetings for Europe and culture" (2005)
23 November 2017

Reforming Europe through culture

Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, presented her initiative to "reform Europe through culture" at the European Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council on 21 November. This Council was also an opportunity for the Minister to underscore France's position on audiovisual regulation.
The initiative to reform Europe through culture, launched at an informal meeting between culture ministers during the Frankfurt Book Fair, was officially set out in a statement that several countries have already signed, including Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Malta. Germany also signalled its support during the Council meeting.
Portrait of Françoise Nyssen
"Europe through Culture is a source of social cohesion and enhances the feeling of belonging to a common area. It is a Europe shaped by and for citizens, which unites and develops through tangible projects on the ground. It is a Europe which protects designers through improved digital regulation and defence of copyright. It is a Europe which allows freedom through increased exchanges, mobility of artists and movement of works".
Françoise Nyssen
Minister of Culture

The tangible initiatives outlined by France include:
  • An "Erasmus for culture" pilot project on heritage, as early as next year. 
  • Strengthening the means for supporting the translation of works. 
  • A "culture pass", which France intends to get promptly up and running for the benefit of young people, could be rolled out more broadly Europe-wide. 
  • Support for the proposals of the German, Cypriot and Italian governments to protect heritage in danger, particularly in war-torn regions, and to clamp down on the trafficking of cultural property. 
There must be financial investment on the part of Europe if all of these tangible projects are to become reality, which implies an ambitious culture budget – not least through the "Creative Europe" programme.

Audiovisual regulation: France backs the proposals adopted by the Council last May

The Council was also an opportunity for France to defend its position in the audiovisual regulation sector. Negotiations on the revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive are still ongoing between the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States. France backs the proposals adopted by the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council on 23 May 2017:
  • Application of the rules of the broadcasting country in terms of financing creation for all broadcasters, whether video-on-demand platforms or television channels and be they set up in France or abroad. What this means in practical terms is that a video-on-demand operator, or a television channel, must apply French obligations bearing on investment in film and audiovisual production the moment they broadcast in France. 
  • Introduction of a minimum quota of 30% European works for video-on-demand operators' catalogues. Such a measure will significantly raise the profile of European works on video platforms. 
  • Increased accountability of video sharing platforms, including social networking sites, as regards the protection of young audiences and cracking down on the broadcasting of hate material.

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