UK out of EU
15 November 2018

Provisional agreement on Brexit

A provisional agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union has been reached on 14 November. This is very good news. This deal will have to be examined in light of our requirements.

This deal is very good news and France congratulates Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator, who has been diligently working hard throughout these past months.

This provisional agreement has been approved by the British government, and over the next few weeks it is expected to be put to a vote by the British Parliament. It must also be approved by the 27 European heads of State and government; a European Council meeting is scheduled to be held shortly, when we will examine the agreement. This draft was presented on 14 November by Mr Barnier's team. It needs to come under careful scrutiny, as the economic and political implications are significant.

France would like to see a deal reached, just as all of its partners would, but this deal shall have to be examined in light of our requirements: protecting the single market, ensuring a level playing field between European and British businesses and guaranteeing our economic interests – not least in the fisheries sector. The only guiding principle in these talks is the interest of the European project and of France.

Finally, contingency plans need to continue in parallel should the UK end up leaving the EU with no deal on 30 March 2019. This is a question of duty, on behalf of European businesses and citizens.

"Yesterday, the British Government approved the provisional agreement secured between Michel Barnier and the British negotiator. This is a major breakthrough, but nothing allows us to say at this stage whether the agreement will ultimately be adopted."

Edouard Philippe

15 November 2018

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