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News and statements on French policies relating to Europe, foreign affairs, defence, francophony, French nationals abroad, international development and tourism.
Content published under Valls I's Government from 2014 02nd Avril to 2014 25th Août

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Official speeches and statements from France Diplomatie website.
Official foreign policy statements and texts are posted daily. Most are translated by the press departments of French embassies. While the aim is to provide you with the latest bulletins of texts and statements, you can click on the relevant dates to see the previous thirty. To access earlier French foreign policy statements (since 1966) or search for specific topics, click on database of French foreign policy statements.

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Information from France Diplomatie website.

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Information from France Diplomatie website.

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Information from Defence Portal. France resolutely acts within the scope of its international commitments and intends to be a determined contributor to international security.