Minister Marlène Schiappa
26 August 2019

Meaningful results for gender equality obtained at the G7 Summit

At the Biarritz Summit, all of the G7 countries, together with Chile, Australia, India, Senegal and Rwanda, pledged to implement a law grounded in the recommendations of the Gender Equality Advisory Council.

This diplomatic success comes thanks to the feminist diplomacy in which France has been actively engaged these past months. It is a positive step forward at international level, as well as at national level: in France it will pave the way to a law for the economic empowerment of women.

France's presidency of the G7 against inequality – gender inequality in particular – includes:
  • During the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018, the President of the Republic had already called for gender equality to become a global worthy cause. Marlène Schiappa has been spearheading this cause for several months now.
  • During a series of international meetings, Marlène Schiappa immediately engaged in negotiations on the priorities in terms of gender equality with her counterparts.
  • On 9 & 10 May, in Paris and Bondy, Marlène Schiappa chaired the ministerial meeting on the theme of gender equality, which culminated in the unanimous adoption of an ambitious joint declaration by the seven G7 Leaders to make gender equality a fully-fledged global worthy cause.
  • Civil society groups were closely involved in the groundwork for the G7, not least via the Gender Equality Advisory Council, whose 35 members are female activists and eminent female role models, including three Nobel Prize laureates. Tasked with identifying the most effective legislative measures worldwide, the Council presented its recommendations along with a raft of nearly 80 laws to the President of the Republic on Friday 23 August, in the presence of Marlène Schiappa.
  • Based on these commendable deliverables, the President of the Republic proposed the Biarritz Partnership, which involves calling on the G7 Leaders to commit to implementing at least one of these laws or public policies in their country and to report back on them next year.
"The feminist diplomacy championed by France is bearing fruit and producing meaningful results in the context of this G7 summit. The commitment of all the G7 countries to the Biarritz Partnership proposed by the President, worked on until last Friday with input from civil society groups, will improve the lives of women all over the world!"
Minister Marlène Schiappa

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28 August 2019