4 June 2018

Hydrogen Plan: "making our country a world leader in this technology"

On 1 June, Nicolas Hulot, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, presented the Hydrogen Deployment Plan for Energy Transition to the key players in the sector.


Hydrogen is "a potential revolution" for our energy model. Given the extent of its properties, it can be used, among other things, to store electricity and renewable energies on a large scale, to power electric vehicles (as an alternative to batteries), to recycle CO2 and make industrial processes cleaner.

France is at the forefront of the sector and includes many leading industry players on the international stage, who are present throughout the value chain. Minister Nicolas Hulot pointed out that "the entire hydrogen chain exists in France!"

Its development is an asset for France’s energy independence, but also a huge source of jobs. "Germany and The Netherlands are at this very moment testing hydrogen trains made in France", Nicolas Hulot emphasised.

The Hydrogen Deployment Plan should enable this sector to capitalise on its assets to "maintain our lead at the heart of an already fierce global competition".

One of the objectives is to put 5,000 hydrogen vehicles on the road by 2023, compared to a little over 250 currently, and to install 100 charging stations for those vehicles, compared to about 20 today. The vehicles targeted are mainly commercial (such as taxis and construction machinery) and heavy vehicles (including buses, coaches, lorries and trains).

The plan has also set a goal of 10% "green" hydrogen, which is that produced from renewable sources, by 2023, while 95% of hydrogen currently consumed in France comes from fossil fuels.

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