Edouard Philippe speaking before MPs
16 May 2018

Gaza: France condemns the violence

During the US embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem on 14 May, violent clashes broke out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border, killing nearly 60 and leaving some 2,400 wounded. As the Prime Minister underscored during a Government question time at the National Assembly, France categorically condemns this violence.

"France evidently and categorically condemns this violence for, although we set absolute store by Israel's security, we cannot accept such levels of violence in the face of Palestinians' fundamental right to protest peacefully," the Prime Minister maintained.

France reasserts its commitment to seeking a negotiated solution, with both States, "Israel and Palestine, living in peace and security [...] with Jerusalem as the capital of the two States. This is what the law says, and it is the line to which France holds," Édouard Philippe said.

As announced on 14 May following talks with King Abdullah II of Jordan and the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Republic spoke with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 15 May. He expressed his grave concern over the situation in Gaza, condemned the violence and stressed the importance of protecting civilian populations and the right to protest peacefully.

The President reiterated the importance of dialogue to get the Israeli-Palestinian peace process going again. He also brought up the situation in Syria with the Israeli Prime Minister, as well as the subject of Iran following the US decision to pull out of the nuclear agreement.


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