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23 April 2020

G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting

France underscores the strategic importance of the food and agriculture sectors and the need for ambitious agricultural policies to safeguard global food security.
On 21 April 2020, Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food, attended an Extraordinary G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting organised by the Saudi presidency, which sought to send out a strong message concerning the need to guarantee food security for all during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Joint Statement adopted by the Ministers, in the presence of WHO, FAO, the OECD and the WTO, delivers a message of unity and cooperation in tackling the crisis. It stresses that, during this pandemic, the free movement of goods is vital to ensure the conditions for access to sufficient food supplies for all, especially in vulnerable countries. Export restrictions must thus be avoided.

The Statement notes that no disruption in the supply chains has been observed and that there are currently no shortages of food staples, according to the recent work of the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) initiative, set up under France’s presidency of the G20. It also acknowledges the merits of emergency measures that are "targeted, proportionate, transparent, and temporary", as well as the need to step up efforts to sustain the activities and livelihoods of farmers and agri-food businesses and to assist their recovery afterwards.

During the talks, Didier Guillaume underscored the strategic importance of the food and agriculture sector to safeguard the supply of nutritious, safe and sustainable food from identified sources, to populations worldwide. He expressed his gratitude to farmers and to all those involved in the supply chain who have continued to take up this challenge daily since the start of the crisis.

This health crisis lays bare the need for flawless cooperation between FAO, the OIE and WHO, to strengthen disease and zoonosis monitoring, surveillance and early warning systems, as well as the exchange and transmission of information. Didier Guillaume reiterated the need to take action for the preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity and against deforestation. Finally, he called for swifter action in terms of setting up food systems that are more sound, sustainable and resilient, in a bid to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement and to guarantee food security.

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