10 June 2016

Everything You Should Know about the SAIP Public Alert Mobile app

The French Interior Ministry’s General Directorate for Civil Protection and Crisis Management (DGSCGC) and the Government Information Service (SIG) have jointly developed a public alert and information system mobile app for smartphones: “SAIP”, or Public Alert and Information System (Système d’alerte et d’information des populations).

Content published under the Government Valls III from 2016 11th February to 2016 06th December

Why a Mobile app?

Following the attacks that took place in France in January and November 2015, and at the Prime Minister’s request, the Ministry of the Interior and the Government Information Service are launching a public alert mobile app for smartphones: “SAIP”, the Public Alert and Information System. This tool is operational for the Euro 2016 football championship in France. It forms part of measures for the development of a culture of vigilance and security for the protection of our fellow citizens, launched with the “Reacting in the Event of a Terrorist Attack” awareness-raising campaign, which provides practical instructions based on the three keywords: “escape, hide, alert”.

What is its purpose?

The initial phase of this mobile app, which is free for users, enables the latter to be informed of alerts in progress by means of notification on their smartphones, following suspicion of an attack or exceptional civilian security events (nuclear alert, dangerous products, hydraulic structure failure etc.) liable to be the result of an attack.
A second phase, planned in the coming months (via mobile app updates), will take all major risks and vigilance messages into account. In addition to geolocation-based alert messages, the app also provides advice on how to act and instructions to follow depending on the type of alert and the geographical area affected.  

How does it work?

In order to receive alerts in a zone where a risk has just been detected by the authorities, users are asked to agree to have their position pinpointed by geolocation. Nevertheless, contrary to traditional apps using geolocation functions, no information is passed on from the telephone: citizens’ anonymity is ensured by means of innovative and patented technology developed in France. The mobile terminals do not pass on any geographical positions or identities to the IT servers.
The app also enables users, even without geolocation of their position, to receive alert notifications concerning various predetermined geographical areas. It is thus possible to record up to eight geographical zones (postcodes, municipalities) in order to enable everyone to be informed in case of alerts near to close relations, for example.

How to react in the event of an alert?

In the event of an alert “around you”:

You receive a notification. Depending on the type of alert, it may be accompanied by the sound of a siren in order to immediately attract your attention. By clicking on the notification or opening the SAIP mobile app, you can consult the alert message issued and the security instructions. Read them with composure and react accordingly.

In the event of an alert “in your premises”:

You will receive a notification on your mobile. After having clicked on the notification or opened your SAIP mobile app, inform yourself of the current risk and share it with your close relations liable to be present in the premises.
Be an ambassador for alert messages in this way and help us to disseminate them. You are able to share these alerts on your social networking services (Twitter and Facebook) and play an active part in making security messages go viral.
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The Government has chosen a technology which guarantees the complete anonymity of users of the mobile app

Your geolocation data is not passed on or recorded. The choice of patented French technology involves certain rules on your part in order to ensure optimal operation of the mobile app.
You have to accept notifications. Without notifications, you will not receive any alerts.
Geoloc.You have to accept geolocation. Although this data is not passed on, the mobile app uses geolocation data from your mobile in order to enable alerts to be sent according to your movements. This information is processed solely in your telephone. If your telephone displays geolocation icons, this means that the geolocation is operational.
App.Be careful to keep the mobile app open and keep it in the background of your telephone. We would like to reassure you that its battery consumption is limited in the absence of alerts. Since the mobile app is based upon innovative technology, it functions with iOS 9 and Android versions.
Logo UEFA Euro2016
The current app was developed for the Euro 2016 football championship.
Next autumn, a new version of this app will be made available:
taking into account risks connected with bad weather,
new advice files,
additional weather vigilance messages.


the SAIP mobile app

(Public Alert and Information System)


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