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21 June 2019

Development of the Educ’ARTE offer in France and Europe

An ARTE Education subsidiary has just been created in partnership with Banque des Territoires, as part of the Investment for the Future Programme (PIA), and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, with a view to speeding up development of the Educ’ARTE offer in France and Europe.

Since the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, ARTE France has been providing Educ’ARTE, a subscription video-on-demand service (professional SVOD) intended for teachers and their pupils. The offer is based on a video catalogue of over 1,000 audiovisual programmes available in their entirety, indexed by subject (Literature/Philosophy, History-Geography, Science, etc.) and educational level and available in several languages, along with innovative teaching tools enabling users to personalise the videos produced by ARTE and its partners (France Télévisions, INA, Radio France, SACEM Université, etc.) in order to view and assimilate them in class or at home on all types of screens, fixed and mobile alike.

Almost 1,000 schools, representing some 700,000 pupils and teachers, already subscribe to the service in France and Europe, including in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, where all upper secondary schools subscribe to the offer. Schools either subscribe directly or via local authorities.

In an educational sector undergoing rapid digital change, ARTE France is now looking to speed up development of Educ’ARTE and provide new versions of the service in order to reach European students at all stages of their education, from primary school to university. ARTE France is also taking part in discussions on a common educational offer from public broadcasters.

It is this shared determination that led to creation of a joint venture between ARTE France and Caisse des Dépôts’ Banque des Territoires on behalf of the State. The operation was carried out in the context of the PIA’s “Culture, Heritage and Digital Technology” call for expressions of interest (CEI), managed by the Secretariat-General for Investment with the Ministries of Higher Education and Culture. It has been provided with €100m in investment with a view to promoting heritage and culture in the digital age.

Caisse des Dépôts’ Banque des Territoires has a 33.3% stake in ARTE Education. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is also lending the project its support in the context of its impact investments strategy, and holds 6.7% of the subsidiary’s capital. The Foundation comes under the aegis of the Fondation de France, and has been active since 2010 in support of Citizen Art in France and Spain, including through a programme devoted to Art and Education.

With ARTE Education, ARTE is stepping up its action on behalf of young Europeans, with a view to enabling all schoolchildren, of whatever social or geographical background, to assimilate a common core of knowledge with a cultural focus, imbued with the channel’s European values.

ARTE France is also taking part in work on a common educational offer from public broadcasters, in compliance with the Government’s guidelines on transformation of the public broadcasting sector.


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