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11 December 2018

COP 24: France increases its contribution to climate funding

At the Ministerial Meeting on Climate Finance held at COP24 (Katowice), Brune Poirson, Minister of State, attached to the Ministre d’État, Minister for the Ecological Inclusion and Inclusive Transition, announced increased funding from France for developing countries to support them in the fight against climate change. In particular, France will contribute to two funds which help the most vulnerable countries to deal with the consequences of climate change.
"Keeping to our commitments, taking action and being consistent are the three pillars underpinning our climate negotiation strategy. This is necessary if we are to build confidence in our ability to mobilise, on a large scale, the funds needed to combat climate change throughout the world."
Brune Poirson

Regarding the first pillar, France assumes its full share of responsibility. It will increase public funding for the climate from €3 billion a year in 2015 to €5 billion a year in 2020, an increase of 60% compared with 2014. As the President of the Republic announced at the One Planet Summit, the share of funds available for climate change adaptation will increase from €1 billion to €1.5 billion a year.

Additionally, France will contribute to two UN funds to support the most vulnerable countries to deal with the consequences of climate change:

  • €15 million worth of funding available for climate adaptation for developing countries,
  • €20 million worth of funding available for the least developed countries.

France is also fully engaged in the process of replenishing the Green Climate Fund, so that it can serve as the catalyst for climate finance as set out in the Paris Agreement. In this way, France is seeking to provide a clear response to the issues raised by developing countries in these negotiations.

"Being consistent is also about mobilising public as well as private finance. This is the purpose of the action taken by France, particularly within the context of the One Planet Summit. In this regard, we must meet our people’s expectations", underlined Brune Poirson.

France will continue its efforts in the coming year, in particular through its presidency of the G7 and through the mandate entrusted both to it and to Jamaica by the UN Secretary-General to redirect private funding on a large scale towards creating an economy which is good for the planet.


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