2 March 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve is stepping up the emergency reception of scientists in exile

Content published under the Government Cazeneuve from 2016 06th December to 2017 14th May
On 2 March Bernard Cazeneuve addressed the Collège de France to underscore France’s support for the emergency reception for scientists in exile programme (PAUSE), signed on 16 January 2017. The very specific situation in which scientists and academics find themselves – being "targeted by obscurantist movements and autocratic regimes" – calls for "a strong response", explained the Prime Minister as he confirmed financial backing for the scheme over the long term.
See the video (in French):
Bernard Cazeneuve renforce l'accueil en urgence des scientifiques en exil

A new programme for emergency accomodation of exiled scientists

A convention signed by Thierry Mandon, the Collège de France and the Chancellery of Paris Universities has launched the Programme ... [Read more]
20 January 2017

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