Portrait of Ariane Mnouchkine
19 June 2019

Ariane Mnouchkine, 2019 Kyoto Prize laureate in the Arts and Philosophy category

Minister Riester congratulates the 2019 laureate of the prestigious international Kyoto Prize, an award that recognises those who have contributed significantly to the "betterment of mankind" in the fields of science, culture and technology.
On 14 June 2019, the Inamori Foundation announced the three laureates of the 2019 Kyoto Prize, which was created in 1985 based on a model similar to that of the Nobel Prize.

"It is with great pride that I learned that this prize has been awarded in 2019 to Ariane Mnouchkine in the Arts and Philosophy category", said the Minister of Culture.

An iconic figure in French theatre for over fifty years, Ariane Mnouchkine, with her theatre company, the Théâtre du Soleil, pursues a humanist vision of art, with an unwavering dedication to artists and a constant attention to audiences.

This prize recognises all of her work and the significant contribution her company has made to the history of theatre, in France but also around the world through major international tours which have allowed the Soleil and a part of French culture to shine.

Since its creation, the Kyoto Prize has honoured a number of French personalities:
  • the composers Olivier Messiaen (1985) and Pierre Boulez (2009)
  • the mathematician André Weil (1994)
  • the choreographer Maurice Béjart (1999)
  • the philosopher Paul Ricœur (2000).
"I am thrilled that this year a French woman has finally been recognised by this award. I extend my warmest congratulations to Ariane Mnouchkine and, through her, to the entire Théâtre du Soleil team. May they continue to enlighten with their rays the delighted spectators we are."
Franck Riester