Young girl saying "stop" with her hand
30 September 2018

A campaign to change behaviours

On 30 September 2018, the Government launched the "Réagir peut tout changer" (Reacting can Change Everything) communication campaign, aimed at those close to victims as well as the witnesses of gender-based and sexual violence. To speak out is no longer enough: we must now change behaviours.

In 2017, the President of the Republic declared gender equality a "Major National Cause of the Five-Year Term". For 2018, priority has been given to combating gender-based and sexual violence, in view of the crucial challenge it represents.

As part of the "Réagir peut tout changer" campaign, four clips serve to illustrate the range of different situations according to the type of violence involved (gender-based or sexual, verbal or physical) and the context in which it occurs (in the private or professional sphere, in schools or in public spaces).

In addition, one-minute videos give a voice to people who have faced gender-based and sexual violence (including victims, witnesses, professionals and others).

By sharing these experiences, the Government wants to encourage everyone to take action.

The website, a reference for victims and professionals, will have an additional section entitled "Je suis témoin" (I am a witness) to help everyone take action to deal with gender-based and sexual violence.

New sanctions

This campaign forms part of the decisive action that the Government has been taking for over a year now to combat all forms of violence against women, in particular with the law stepping up the fight against sexual and gender-based violence, which was enacted on 3 August this year:

  • Extending the time limit for reporting sexual crimes committed against minors from 20 to 30 years;
  • Combating group cyber-harassment ("raids numériques") to punish internet users who carry out concerted attacks against the same victim;
  • Combating street harassment with the creation of a new crime of offensive sexist behaviour punishable by a fine ranging from 90 to 750 euros;
  • Making an online reporting platform available for the victims of violence, harassment and discrimination to facilitate the filing of complaints: victims will be able to report violence suffered without having to travel, through an interactive exchange (24/7) with a specially trained person.

Against sexual and sexist violence

The new law is the culmination of a long consultation process, and sets out to improve law enforcement in terms of such violence, ... [Read more]
7 May 2018