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Special compensation for minors and young adults

You are a victim of a terrorist act > Special compensation for minors and young adults

Referral to a guardianship judge

When a child loses one or both parents, the case must be referred to a guardianship judge (juge des tutelles).

The judge will appoint a guardian to ensure the safety of the child and the child's assets as well as members of the family board, if both parents have died. The family board must approve all acts of disposal likely to diminish the estate, such as the sale of an asset or the contracting of a loan agreement, etc.

If the child has lost one of his/her parents, the surviving parent maintains parental authority but must seek the approval of the family board or guardianship judge for all acts of disposal.

Adoption as a ward of the nation

Children of deceased victims of terrorist acts can be adopted by the nation of France as a ward of the nation (pupille de la Nation). Ward of the nation status provides children under 21 with the material and non-material protection specific to the French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War (ONACVG), which supplements the protection offered by families in the form of partial or full support for the child's upkeep and education, if needed, or in the event of insufficient family resources.

For terrorist attacks committed in France, the ward of the nation status is granted regardless of nationality.

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