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To be compensated for material prejudice

You are a victim of a terrorist act > To be compensated for material prejudice

In compliance with the first paragraph of Article L. 126-2 of French insurance code, insurers must insure claims arising from an attack or a terrorist act on assets (including decontamination costs) covered by an insurance policy subject to French law :

  • via a fire insurance policy, i.e.  comprehensive home insurance policies for individuals (mandatory for renters) and comprehensive business insurance, or
  • via a policy insuring "claims to motorized land vehicles", i.e. automobile insurance policies.

It is an extended, mandatory guarantee that benefits all categories of the insured, including individuals, NGOs, businesses, and public authorities.

Material prejudice

If a fire insurance policy has been subscribed, material damages are indemnified within the limits of the deductible and ceiling set by the policy as part of the fire coverage.