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Employment and work

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Initial medical certificate

An initial medical certificate must be obtained soon after the attack. Don’t hesitate to ask for one from the doctor who will be examining you.

This document may be prepared by any doctor working in hospital emergency services, emergency medical and psychological services, and general practice, etc. It states and describes the consequences of the attack on your physical and mental health. It should be prepared as soon as possible, in accordance with specific rules.

The initial medical certificate will allow you to begin the various steps in the compensation process in particular, and attests to the impact of the attack on your physical and/or mental health. You must keep it.

Changing profession

Following a traumatic event, your sense of values can change, making it difficult to continue in your profession. To learn about your rights to training and obtain overall and personalized support, you will be granted a personal activity account and given professional advice for changing professions.

The French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War  (ONACVG) can financially support all or part of the costs of professional retraining for French citizens. The ONACVG intervenes in addition to and as a complement of common law provisions. After a personalized review of the victim’s social situation, the ONACVG can provide the financing. The amount assumed by the ONACVG is calculated based on amount to be paid by the applicant and the applicant’s family quotient.

The ONACVG also has an agreement with the french professional training agency for adults (AFPA). Under this agreement, you can take advantage of support from a career change adviser to prepare a new career path, acquire job-hunting skills, engage with potential employers, and startup or acquire a company.

For more information, contact the ONACVG branch in your administrative department.

The Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI) has developed a personalized approach to supporting the employment of victims who have suffered compensable professional prejudice, such as loss of income or negative effects to their career, schooling, higher education or training. If applicable, the services of a professional coach who works with the FGTI can be provided to you.

You can contact the person in charge of your compensation for additional information.

Reserved jobs

Terrorism victims who benefit from an armed services invalidity pension may apply for specially reserved jobs, in accordance with Article L. 241-1 and seq. of the armed services invalidity pension and victims of war code (Code des pensions militaires d’invalidité et des victimes de guerre). This provision opens access to all job corps and classers in the B and C categories of three public services. Candidates may ask to register on regional or national lists, which will be consulted by the administration when recruiting.

For more information, contact the ONACVG branch in your department.