French PM speaking at TF1 TV Channel
22 December 2016

The Prime Minister expresses his solidarity with Germany and reaffirms the Government measures taken to ensure the safety of French citizens

On 20 December 2016, Bernard Cazeneuve was the guest of TF1’s 8 p.m. Newscast. An opportunity for the Prime Minister to reassert his solidarity with Germany and remind viewers of the security measures implemented to ensure the safety of French citizens.
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The Prime Minister was present at the National Assembly during the minute of silence observed in memory of Berlin’s victims.
In the TFI studio, Bernard Cazeneuve expressed his solidarity with the victims of the tragedy and their families, with “a heart filled with compassion for the Germans now in mourning”.
"France is under threat of course, but it is also the whole of Europe that is threatened”
Bernard Cazeneuve
20 December 2016

The Prime Minister also wished to “ensure the German authorities, the Chancellor and the Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, who is a personal friend, of our solidarity in this time of ordeal.”
Bernard Cazeneuve reminded viewers that the Chancellor had demonstrated her full support at the time of the Paris attacks, and noted that “when we are put to the test, France and Germany are one and the same country”. The Prime Minister went on to say that his “thoughts were also with the victims of the Nice attack and their families”, who must be “in pain, in sorrow and in shock”. The way in which the Berlin attack was carried out must certainly have brought back “absolutely terrible memories”.
The interview also provided Bernard Cazeneuve with an opportunity to remind viewers of the measures taken to ensure the security of gathering places (including Christmas markets) and places of worship:
  • 70 Mobile Force units are tasked with protecting such places as well as with border control. Close to 80 million people have been monitored since last year.
  • In view of the terrorist attack in Berlin, the Minister of the Interior has sent Prefects the instructions provided for, requesting very vigilant application of security measures. Visits to Strasbourg’s Christmas market made it clear that what had been implemented there was in full compliance with the instructions given. There is therefore an extremely high level of protection.
Bernard Cazeneuve also reminded viewers that the intelligence services and domestic security forces continue to take “very intensive action”, resulting in the arrest of over 440 individuals since the beginning of the year. 17 attacks have also been foiled. These results have been achieved by mobilising all Government resources, in particular those of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Interior, along with the Ministries of Defence (with Operation Sentinelle) and Justice.

On 21 December, after the Council of ministers' meeting, Bernard  Cazeneuve visited the German embassy to express the support of the French people

PM / German embassy

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