All hands on deck for Paris’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

On International Olympic Day, the French sports community and the City of Paris announced the city's bid to host the 2024 Olympic ... [Read more]
23 June 2015

Response to migrant crisis: respect for rights, respect for rule of law

The Government has pledged to ease pressure on the asylum-seeking process by creating 4,000 additional accommodation places by 201... [Read more]
17 June 2015

The Paris Air Show: showcasing French excellence

With its successes (Rafale, Airbus, etc.), innovations, trade surpluses and job creation, the aeronautics sector is a particularly... [Read more]
16 June 2015

A tourism development strategy

France is currently the world's leading tourist destination, although there is still some room for growth in terms of visitors rec... [Read more]
12 June 2015

Measures to stimulate business and employment in VSEs and SMEs

As France pursues its programme of reforms, the Prime Minister has outlined 18 "powerful measures to eliminate obstacles and uncer... [Read more]
9 June 2015

Rebalancing the social security budget

The results are in: despite the tight economic climate, the public accounts are being rebalanced – the social security budget in p... [Read more]
8 June 2015

Air quality action plan

The plan aims to make cities breathable within 5 years.... [Read more]
3 June 2015

90 new simplification measures

Thierry Mandon outlines 40 new measures, particularly designed to simplify everyday life and procedures for individuals.... [Read more]
2 June 2015

Meeting of the small group of the global coalition against Daesh

The members of the international coalition against Daesh have reaffirmed the need to defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria with lasting e... [Read more]
2 June 2015

Countering jihadist propaganda

France is set to roll out a 'battalion' of community managers. Two special units will be tasked with producing tools to counter pr... [Read more]
29 May 2015


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