9 things you didn’t know about France and #digital technology

European champion in E-Government, the land of Wi-Fi and online courses (the famous ‘MOOC’): discover the figures which disprove g... [Read more]
3 March 2015

Dialogue with Islam in France

The Government is seeking to reinforce the affirmation in France of an Islam that is true to the values of the Republic, while str... [Read more]
26 February 2015

Reforming social dialogue

A reform to modernise social dialogue within companies will be launched in 2015.... [Read more]
26 February 2015

The Charles de Gaulle called into action against Daesh

The aircraft carrier will be active in the Gulf for 8 weeks as part of the coalition led by the United States.... [Read more]
24 February 2015

Manuel Valls: "We must not place environment and agriculture in opposition to one another"

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll signed the first EEIGs (Economic and Environmental Interest Gr... [Read more]
23 February 2015

Manuel Valls: "My mission is to reform the country, to move forward"

On Tuesday 17 February, the Prime Minister appeared as a guest on the French TV channel TF1, just hours after invoking Article 49-... [Read more]
19 February 2015

Ensuring that the justice system is better equipped to deal with racism and anti-Semitism

The Minister of Justice has put forward a series of new responses.... [Read more]
19 February 2015

Partnership between the State and Cisco: the American CEO who chose France

"The Government is far more attentive. I can feel it has reached something of a turning point just now", John Chambers, CEO of net... [Read more]
18 February 2015

Copenhagen Attack

Denmark and France - two nations experiencing the same sorrow and the same tragedy, but also the same desire to resist, fight and ... [Read more]
17 February 2015

Rafale Sale

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has visited Egypt to conclude the first sale of Rafale fighter planes for export.... [Read more]
17 February 2015


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