The aviation tragedy has immersed France in deep sadness

A Germanwings Airbus A320 has crashed in a remote area in the region of Digne-les-Bains in the South-East of France. The plane tra... [Read more]
24 March 2015

Fifty concrete measures for rural areas

Manuel Valls chaired an inter-ministerial committee on rural areas on Friday 13 March in Laon (Aisne department). He took this opp... [Read more]
13 March 2015


€14 billion of funding in 2014 - a high-growth sector.... [Read more]
13 March 2015

Major cornerstones of the collège reform

Both national and international assessments alike have concluded that the collège (first level of secondary education for children... [Read more]
11 March 2015

Further action for gender equality

The Government will continue to implement its structuring initiatives in 2015 and 2016 in accordance with four key principles.... [Read more]
8 March 2015

The fight against poverty: "The challenge is to preserve our social model and its underlying values"

The Prime Minister presented the 2015-2017 roadmap for the multi-annual social inclusion and anti-poverty plan. One of the key mea... [Read more]
4 March 2015

9 things you didn’t know about France and #digital technology

European champion in E-Government, the land of Wi-Fi and online courses (the famous ‘MOOC’): discover the figures which disprove g... [Read more]
3 March 2015

Reforming social dialogue

A reform to modernise social dialogue within companies will be launched in 2015.... [Read more]
26 February 2015

Dialogue with Islam in France

The Government is seeking to reinforce the affirmation in France of an Islam that is true to the values of the Republic, while str... [Read more]
26 February 2015

The Charles de Gaulle called into action against Daesh

The aircraft carrier will be active in the Gulf for 8 weeks as part of the coalition led by the United States.... [Read more]
24 February 2015


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