Job creation in the private sector is at its highest level since 2008

According to estimates from the INSEE (national statistical agency) and the DARES (the Ministry of Labour's directorate for resear... [Read more]
14 November 2016

"Choose Paris Region": a one-stop shop for simplifying procedures for foreign investors

On 3 November, Manuel Valls inaugurated "Choose Paris Region", a one-stop shop for simplifying procedures for foreign investors in... [Read more]
4 November 2016

"Upholding secularism”

The 11th Secularism Prizes (Prix de la Laïcité), organised by the Comité Laïcité République (CLR – Secular Republican Committee), ... [Read more]
4 November 2016

"Africa is the continent of the future"

Togo, Ghana and the Ivory Coast were all stops on Manuel Valls' latest African visit from 28 to 31 October 2016, with the aim of s... [Read more]
4 November 2016

Franco-Chinese relations are getting stronger

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development made an official visit to China to discuss a range of particularly i... [Read more]
3 November 2016

France and India are developing their industrial relations

The Minister of State for Industry made an official visit to Delhi and Chennai in India from 25 to 27 October. His visit was organ... [Read more]
2 November 2016

France's space policy

France is home to such prestigious space projects as Ariane 6, Copernicus and Galileo and, for our country to remain at the forefr... [Read more]
28 October 2016

Dismantlement of the Calais camp

The humanitarian operation bearing on dismantlement of the Calais camp is over. It has enabled provision of shelter for close to 1... [Read more]
28 October 2016

A new decree on foreigners' rights in France

A new decree sets out the conditions for applying major reforms for further shoring up the right of residence for foreigners resid... [Read more]
27 October 2016

For a strong State, local authority and voluntary sector partnership against radicalisation

On 24 October in Villette, Manuel Valls brought the "State and Territories Mobilised against Radicalisation" National Meetings to ... [Read more]
27 October 2016