Adoption of the PNR

The draft PNR directive has been definitively adopted by the European Parliament in a step that was vital to reinforcing the fight... [Read more]
15 April 2016

From keyboards to screens worldwide: discovering French e-sports #WideAngleESports

More than 7 in 10 French people play video games. Some take this passion even further and compete. Who are these “e-sportspeople”?... [Read more]
13 April 2016

France remains the world's leading tourist destination

In 2015, France was once again ranked the world's leading tourist destination with a record of 84.5 million foreign visitors. Thes... [Read more]
11 April 2016

18th Franco-German Council of Ministers

The 18th Franco-German Council of Ministers was held in Metz on 7 April, in recognition of the city's history but also its influen... [Read more]
8 April 2016

Adoption of law strengthening the fight against the prostitution system

After a two-year passage through parliament, this law prohibits the purchase of sexual acts and creates a pathway out of prostitut... [Read more]
8 April 2016

Combating tax fraud: increased international cooperation is required

International cooperation is vital in order to be effective and reveal instances of tax fraud. The French tax authorities have alr... [Read more]
8 April 2016

Sapin II Law: transparency, the fight against corruption, modernisation of the economy

The bill on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of the economy is an essential step in strengthening ... [Read more]
6 April 2016

Nuclear Security Summit

Counter terrorism was one of the subjects discussed during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington. Daesh is retreating in the f... [Read more]
2 April 2016

Strong Economic and Budgetary Results in 2015

The latest figures from the INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) show that French efforts are pay... [Read more]
29 March 2016

Every effort is being made to ensure maximum security for Euro 2016

Never before has this level of surveillance and security been provided for an event of this magnitude.... [Read more]
23 March 2016