Manuel Valls during the France 2 TV news programme

The dynamic of the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact is picking up speed

The Pact is already being applied through the CICE (competitiveness and employment tax credit). It will lead to a new cut in emplo... [Read more]
11 December 2014
French PM and Ministers

The economic growth and activity bill

The economic growth and activity bill, which was presented to the Council of Ministers on 10 December 2014 and will be debated in ... [Read more]
10 December 2014
Immigrants at OFPRA

Asylum reform

We must reduce the waiting time for responses to asylum requests.... [Read more]
9 December 2014
French Minister Michel Sapin

Deficit reduction is a reality

As the year comes to an end, 5 positive indicators deserve to be emphasised.... [Read more]
4 December 2014
Moon runner at ESA

Space policy

The ESA's Ministerial Council made a major decision for the future of the space industry in Europe: it decided to develop a new la... [Read more]
3 December 2014
Manuel Valls at St-Nazaire

Blue growth: a major priority

Floating wind turbines: a call for expressions of interest will be launched in June 2015.... [Read more]
3 December 2014
Teaching French in Africa

15th Francophonie Summit

The 15th Francophonie Summit was held in Dakar on 29th and 30th November 2014. Nearly 30 heads of State and government from the Fr... [Read more]
3 December 2014
French PM Maneul Valls

The fight against global warming: “major national cause” in 2015

In closing the 3rd Environmental conference of the five-year term, Manuel Valls declared the fight against climate change “major n... [Read more]
28 November 2014
Stéphane Le Foll

European investment support plan

France is favourable to the European Commission's proposal. "Now we can really get to work", said Stéphane Le Foll. ... [Read more]
27 November 2014
Simone Veil speaking at the National Assembly (1974)

40th anniversary of the Veil Law

Voluntary termination of pregnancy, a fundamental right to be celebrated and reaffirmed... [Read more]
26 November 2014


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