Crime: significant results

Positive results demonstrate the effectiveness of the measures put in place.... [Read more]
19 November 2014
Ebola worker in West Africa

International Aid

France is active in Africa in the fight against Ebola.... [Read more]
17 November 2014
Michel Sapin

France in the 3rd quarter: +0.3% growth

Economic activity has grown more than expected in the 3rd quarter.... [Read more]
17 November 2014
Bernard Cazeneuve

"I call all our fellow Frenchmen and women to open their eyes to the terrible reality of the actions committed by Daesh"

Following the video posted online on Sunday 16 November, the organisation known as Daesh claimed to have executed the American hos... [Read more]
17 November 2014
Fight against Ebola in French Airports

Ebola virus

Extension of the passenger screening system to flights from Bamako (Mali)... [Read more]
15 November 2014
Conference on Rosetta Mission in France

Rosetta Mission

A great achievement in the history of the conquest of space.... [Read more]
13 November 2014
PM at Rethondes

#11November: "What brought us together today is the same memory of commitment"

Manuel Valls paid tribute, first of all in Paris, then in the clearing at Rethondes where the Armistice was signed between France ... [Read more]
12 November 2014
People and Marianne

Simplified relations with the authorities for individuals

On 30 October 2014, new simplification measures aimed at simplifying the life of businesses were announced. The Government now int... [Read more]
5 November 2014

8 things you didn’t know about France and #digital technology

European champion in E-Government, the land of Wi-Fi and online courses (the famous ‘MOOC’): discover the figures which disprove g... [Read more]
5 November 2014
Bernard Cazeneuve in Calais


Opening of a day centre for migrants.... [Read more]
4 November 2014


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