Reinforcing the State of Emergency Act

The Parliament definitively adopted the 3-month extension and expansion of the state of emergency with the Senate vote on Friday 2... [Read more]
23 November 2015

European interior ministers adopt the key measures requested by France

The Justice and Home Affairs Council of the European Union has adopted the key measures regarding the passenger name record (PNR),... [Read more]
20 November 2015

The international community rallies following the Paris attacks

The international response has been rapid. The French President will travel to Washington on 24 November for a meeting with Barack... [Read more]
19 November 2015

The key messages from the President of the Republic's speech delivered to the Congress

At a time of exceptional seriousness, on Monday 16th November, by virtue of Article 18 of the Constitution of France, President Ho... [Read more]
18 November 2015

Paris attacks

Official statements. ... [Read more]
16 November 2015

Paris attacks: an Inter-ministerial Victim Support Unit (CIAV) to help families

An Inter-ministerial Victim Support Unit (CIAV - Cellule Interministérielle d’Aide aux Victimes) has been set up on the Quai d'Ors... [Read more]
16 November 2015

The French social model withstands the crisis

The latest INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) annual report shows that Government measures have ... [Read more]
5 November 2015

France performs well in the Doing Business 2016 ranking

The World Bank recently published its latest Doing Business ranking regarding the appeal of the business environment. The report c... [Read more]
28 October 2015

New indicators of wealth

Inequalities are reducing, poverty in is decline, greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing, and France is doing significantly bette... [Read more]
28 October 2015

Calais: responsibility, humanity and State involvement

Bernard Cazeneuve has visited Calais for the 7th time since the start of 2015. Calais currently finds itself in an unusual situati... [Read more]
22 October 2015