"Strong diplomacy to promote a strong France"

Optimism must "once again become a symbol of France. We must once again make it part of our banner." Such was the desire expressed... [Read more]
31 August 2015

Légion d'Honneur awarded to Thalys Amsterdam-Paris heroes

France paid tribute to the courage and composure of the passengers who subdued the assailant on the Thalys Amsterdam-Paris train: ... [Read more]
25 August 2015

Migrant crisis in Calais

The French and British Governments are strengthening their cooperation.... [Read more]
20 August 2015

Record number of tourists expected in 2015

France, the world's leading tourist destination, is on track to set a new record in terms of tourist numbers, with over 85 million... [Read more]
20 August 2015

The Government's 1% growth scenario for 2015 is more realistic than ever

On a visit to Avignon on Friday 14 August, the Prime Minister spoke to the press regarding the growth figures released by INSEE (N... [Read more]
19 August 2015

Inauguration of the new Suez Canal

President Hollande’s visit to Egypt was the opportunity to reaffirm the cooperation between the two countries on major global and ... [Read more]
10 August 2015

Agreement on Mistral-class amphibious landing ships (BPC)

France and Russia have reached an agreement to end the contract signed in 2011 regarding the delivery of two Mistral amphibious la... [Read more]
8 August 2015

Asylum reform definitively adopted by Parliament

The asylum reform bill, which was recently definitively adopted by Parliament, will ensure that all those eligible for asylum rece... [Read more]
30 July 2015

Agreement on Iran's nuclear programme

The agreement concluded on 14 June with Iran brings an end to one of the longest-running nuclear proliferation crises, averting th... [Read more]
15 July 2015

"Agreement! A historic moment. Greece is Europe!"

The Prime Minister was a guest on radio station France Inter and TV channel BFM on Monday 13 July. He hailed the victory for Europ... [Read more]
13 July 2015


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