Bernard Cazeneuve: "China has put environmental issues at the heart of its development plan"

On 23 February, Bernard Cazeneuve headed to the Chinese city of Wuhan where he visited China's first P4 high-level biosafety epide... [Read more]
24 February 2017

"Welcome to France" website launch

Michel Sapin officially launched the website "Welcome to France, helping you to settle in", a platform for welcoming international... [Read more]
23 February 2017

Security: Franco-Spanish cooperation stepped up

The French and Spanish Ministers of the Interior have signed a number of agreements bearing on civil security and the fight agains... [Read more]
22 February 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve: “Chinese investments in France continue to grow. They are of course, welcome”

The Prime Minister is on a visit to the People’s Republic of China from Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 February. After visiting Beida U... [Read more]
21 February 2017

Brexit: "We need to be on clear, frank and pragmatic terms with the British"

On 17 February, Bernard Cazeneuve met with his British counterpart, Theresa May, in London. During their meeting he called for "a ... [Read more]
20 February 2017

The Laboratories of Excellence policy is to be continued

Thierry Mandon and Louis Schweitzer, Commissioner General for Investment, announced the continuation of the Labex policy of excell... [Read more]
17 February 2017

For a more robust social Europe with the European Pillar of Social Rights

France fully supports the European Commission’s “European Pillar of Social Rights” project. It has put forward a series of ambitio... [Read more]
16 February 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve: "The solidarity between Paris and Berlin is more necessary than ever"

The Prime Minister met the German Chancellor in Berlin on 13 February. At the end of the meeting, Bernard Cazeneuve made a stateme... [Read more]
15 February 2017

The 2017 edition of the International Earth Science Olympiad will be held in France

France will be hosting the 11th edition of the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO 2017), to be held at Sophia Antipolis fr... [Read more]
10 February 2017

France and the European Commission are determined to strengthen security in Europe

During an interview, the Prime Minister and the European Commissioner for the Security Union insisted on the necessary strengtheni... [Read more]
10 February 2017