Key points at-a-glance for the 2017 budget: the Government is on target

The Government has presented the major balances of the 2017 budget – the last budget of the five-year period.... [Read more]
22 September 2016

Graf, intervention squad dog of the GIGN (elite gendarmerie unit) - #HistoiresdeFrance

(Hi)stories of France pays tribute to praiseworthy French men and women but, just for once, our focus this time is on a four-legge... [Read more]
22 September 2016

United Nations General Assembly: France’s 3 appeals

When the President of the Republic addressed the United Nations General Assembly on 20 September, he made three appeals: for the c... [Read more]
21 September 2016

Franco-German priorities for security and migration issues

Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, met with his German counterpart, Thomas de Maizière, to discuss the main priorities t... [Read more]
20 September 2016

Bratislava Summit: give a new lease of life to the European Union

The President of the Republic attended the informal meeting of the 27 EU Member States in Bratislava. In the wake of the Brexit sh... [Read more]
19 September 2016

France's World Expo 2025 bid

The bid to host World Expo 2025 must be an opportunity for France to convey a universal message. It will be able to count on the G... [Read more]
16 September 2016

Verdun: "We are the heirs of those who fought"

On 13 September 2016, Manuel Valls presided over the ceremony commemorating one hundred years since the Croix de Chevalier de la L... [Read more]
14 September 2016

Schools: 5 things that are changing in France at the start of the new school year 2016/2017

Did you know? Several changes are being made this year to ensure that maximum numbers of pupils enjoy academic success. They inclu... [Read more]
8 September 2016

Growth is connected with the international context, says France at G20 summit

During the G20 in China, France made a point of the fact that growth is not simply the product of strategies, policies and instrum... [Read more]
6 September 2016

Ambassadors' conference: "We are at a decisive turning point in our history"

On 1 September, during Ambassadors' Week, Prime Minister Manuel Valls addressed all of France’s diplomats, setting particular stor... [Read more]
2 September 2016