Djibril Bodian heir to a passion for bread - #HistoiresdeFrance

Djibril Bodian, baker, is a shining example of professional integration and success in France. He has won the “Best Baguette in Pa... [Read more]
25 October 2016

Manuel Valls: "In an uncertain world, France is assuming its responsibilities. Let us be more than ever united behind our armed forces"

The Prime Minister addressed the members of the National Assembly on 19 October, opening the debate on the French armed forces’ ex... [Read more]
24 October 2016

Standard & Poor’s raises France’s rating outlook

By deciding to raise France’s rating outlook, Standard & Poor’s shows its confidence in the country’s economic and budgetary prosp... [Read more]
24 October 2016

Manuel Valls in Canada: "Henceforth, France wants to be Canada’s leading European partner”

The Prime Minister paid an official visit to Canada from 12 to 14 October, starting off in Ottawa and continuing on to Montreal an... [Read more]
19 October 2016

Landmark vote on the Paris agreement on climate change

On 4 October 2016, France, Europe and the rest of the world marked a new turning point with the European Parliament's almost unani... [Read more]
5 October 2016

France's chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has begun

France, a member of the Partnership since 2014, took over the chairmanship of OGP on 20 September 2016 alongside the World Resourc... [Read more]
29 September 2016

Calais: working towards the complete and definitive closure of the makeshift migrant camp

On 26 September 2016, together with Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, President of the Republic François Hollande made a... [Read more]
28 September 2016

Key points at-a-glance for the 2017 budget: the Government is on target

The Government has presented the major balances of the 2017 budget – the last budget of the five-year period.... [Read more]
22 September 2016

Graf, intervention squad dog of the GIGN (elite gendarmerie unit) - #HistoiresdeFrance

(Hi)stories of France pays tribute to praiseworthy French men and women but, just for once, our focus this time is on a four-legge... [Read more]
22 September 2016

United Nations General Assembly: France’s 3 appeals

When the President of the Republic addressed the United Nations General Assembly on 20 September, he made three appeals: for the c... [Read more]
21 September 2016