Hospital in West Africa

France takes action to combat Ebola

The Government strengthens interministerial cooperation in the face of the Ebola crisis (Office of the Prime Minister).... [Read more]
17 October 2014
Minister Emmanuel Macron

Economic policy - Business bill

Communiqué issued following the Council of Ministers' meeting ... [Read more]
15 October 2014
Doctor and patients

Health bill

This text is a tangible expression of the Government's desire to consolidate the excellent performance of the French health system... [Read more]
15 October 2014
PM at Créteil meeting

Greater Paris: “Turning Promises into Reality”

The Greater Paris initiative is a project in the service of residents of the Île-de-France region: it is intended to improve their... [Read more]
14 October 2014
2014 Economics Nobel prize winner Jean Tirole

Jean Tirole wins the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

President Hollande and Prime Minister extend their warmest congratulations to Jean Tirole, who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economi... [Read more]
13 October 2014
Food professionals

Food policy

Public food policy, which was presented to the Council of Ministers' meeting on 8 october, is based on four priority areas of focu... [Read more]
10 October 2014
Prime Minister's tweet for Patrick Modiano Nobel Prize

Prime Minister congratulates Patrick Modiano, "writer of succinct, incisive literature", for winning the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature

While visiting Lille, Manuel Valls described Patrick Modiano as "without doubt one of the greatest writers of recent years".... [Read more]
9 October 2014
Laurent Fabius

Ebola virus: France is intensifying its efforts to respond to the crisis

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development spokesman... [Read more]
8 October 2014
Manuel Valls speeking at the National Assembly

European Union/Budget: reply by Prime Minister to a question in the National Assembly

European Union - Budget - Reply by Manuel Valls to a question in the National Assembly (excerpts)... [Read more]
7 October 2014
French PM at the Guildhall (London)

Visit to the United Kingdom - Speech by Prime Minister

"My Government is pro-business" says Manuel Valls at the Guildhall (London)... [Read more]
6 October 2014


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