Statement by Bernard Cazeneuve after the Defence Council meeting

The day after the attack on the Champs-Élysées on 20 April, Bernard Cazeneuve has paid tribute to the policeman who died and to al... [Read more]
21 April 2017

Surge in tourist numbers to Paris

The number of tourists flocking to the capital is back to 2014 levels – before the attacks. ... [Read more]
19 April 2017

Schengen: tighter border controls

At the initiative of France and Germany, the Schengen Borders Code has been amended: all travellers entering and exiting the Schen... [Read more]
14 April 2017

French Guiana: measures taken by the Council of Ministers

On Wednesday 5 April, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Overseas France presented a communication on the situation... [Read more]
5 April 2017

French Guiana: Bernard Cazeneuve calls for continuing dialogue

Following an interministerial meeting held in Matignon on Monday 3 April, the Prime Minister called for "the lifting of barriers" ... [Read more]
3 April 2017

Instituts Convergences (Convergence Labs): second wave of the call for proposals

On Thursday 30 March 2017, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Thierry Mandon and Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, annou... [Read more]
2 April 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve praises the spirit of responsibility of the Guianese people

On Wednesday 29 March, Bernard Cazeneuve made a further statement concerning the situation in French Guiana. He praised the spirit... [Read more]
1 April 2017

Attack in London: "France stands beside Great Britain today"

On Thursday 23 March, the Prime Minister extended a message of support to the British people following the attack that struck West... [Read more]
31 March 2017

Rugby World Cup 2023

Patrick Kanner and Thierry Braillard, together with Bernard Laporte, President of the French Rugby Association (FFR) and his team,... [Read more]
30 March 2017

French Guiana: statement by Bernard Cazeneuve

On Monday 27 March, Bernard Cazeneuve made a statement on the situation in French Guiana. In particular he announced sending a min... [Read more]
29 March 2017