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Major documents outlining the Government's policies and reforms

Doing business in France (2016)

Doing Business in France - 2016

This “Doing Business” guide is designed in a spirit of hospitality, as it seeks to provide key information to investors on a full range of regulatory, tax and employment law matters that may arise when setting up and running a foreign subsidiary in France.


Leverage data to modernise public action

Leverage data to modernise public action

The decree of 16 September 2014 creates, under the Prime Minister’s authority, a Chief Data Officer (CDO), attached to the Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation (SGMAP). The CDO coordinates the administrations’ action with regards to the inventory, governance, production, circulation and data use. The CDO also delivers each year to the Prime Minister a public report on the inventory, governance, production, circulation and use of data by administrations. This first report, based on a year of investigation, exchange and experimentation with numerous public officials and many administrations intends to provide a framework of analysis, detect promises and illusions of data-driven science, present initial results, report the initial difficulties encountered and suggest first orientations, including a collaborative mapping of the data available in the State, open to all administrations who wish to participate and benefit from it.

French Stability Programme (2016-2019)

France - Stability Programme 2016

The 2015 budget outturn was better than expected. The government deficit continues to fall: it has been reduced to 3.5% of GDP, and halved since the peak of the crisis in 2009. Government spending excluding tax credits increased by 0.9% in nominal terms, the lowest increase in decades. For the first time since 2009, aggregate taxes and social security contributions as a percentage of GDP fell. France has demonstrated its ability to achieve fiscal consolidation through tighter control of its expenditure – reducing it in proportion to GDP – while funding its priorities and lowering the tax burden. France will carry these consolidation efforts forward in line with the projected fiscal adjustment path, to support the ongoing economic recovery while financing government priorities.

Responsability and solidarity pact

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The Responsibility and Solidarity Pact, announced by President of the Republic François Hollande on 14 January 2014 and defined by Prime Minister Manuel Valls during his general policy statement on 8 April 2014, is a new stage in the government's policy to renew growth and employment in France.


Greater Paris

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The Grand Paris is a development project for the whole of the Paris metropolitan area. It is designed to improve residents’ quality of life, address regional inequalities and build a sustainable city. The project is supported by the State and the Ile-de-France – a region of 12 million inhabitants that accounts for almost a third of French GDP – and provides a splendid opportunity to involve all city stakeholders including developers, transport operators, public and private investors, construction companies, architects, urban planners and all Greater Paris residents.