26 octobre 2016 - Vidéo

Djibril Bodian heir to a passion for bread

The Bodians are bakers from father to son. Djibril Bodian’s father arrived from Senegal in 1976 to practise his art and his son followed in his footsteps. It was not long before Djibril too was smitten with a passion for bread. He learned his art patiently until, in 2010, he finally became his own boss and, while he was at it, won 1st Prize in the 2010 “Best Baguette in Paris” competition. He competed again in 2015 and won once more. Over these next two years, his bread will be served on the tables of the Elysée Palace’s illustrious guests. Djibril Bodian puts his knowhow to work in the early hours of the morning, coaxing the dough into rising slowly to make the loaves that adorn the stands in his bakery at 38 rue des Abbesses, Paris, every day.
Contenu publié sous le Gouvernement Valls III du 11 Février 2016 au 06 Décembre 2016