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Victims of terrorist attacks committed since January 1, 1982 can take advantage of provisions of the code for armed services invalidity pensions and civilian victims of war

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If you are a direct victim, the spouse, a civil partner, an orphan, or ascendant of the victim, you may under certain conditions benefit from compensation in the form of a monthly paid pension and civilian victim of war status.

This compensation is implemented starting only at the time the victim files his/her request with France’s armed services ministry. The pension request can be made even if the victim has been compensated or is in the process of being compensated by the FGTI.

These requests are handled by Department of Armed Forces Pension Branch.

Download instructions in English

Download the victim indemnity request form in English

Download the form for spouses and descendants of a deceased victim in French

Download the form for the ascendants of a deceased victim in French

Contact the Pensions branch (Service des Pensions)
Ministère des Armées / Secrétariat général pour l’administration
Direction des ressources humaines du ministère de la défense / Service des pensions et des risques professionnels
5 place de Verdun
BP 60000
Email :

To help you prepare your pension file, you can take advantage of personalized and administrative assistance available at the 103 local service branches of the French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War (ONACVG — Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre). These services can also acquaint you with the ONACVG’s procedure for an “Adoption by the Nation" and social action, i.e. financial assistance and support for professional and new occupation training, etc.

ONACVG contact
Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre (ONACVG)
Hôtel national des Invalides
75700 PARIS 07 SP
Département de la solidarité
Email :
Website :