United States House of Representatives and Capitol
9 November 2018

US elections: France will continue to work with the US in the same spirit

The midterm elections show a change in majority in the House of Representatives, where the Democrats have won back control, while the Republicans have gained a more secure hold on the Senate.
France hails the record turnout at the polls by American citizens, a clear sign that American democracy is alive and well. The President of the Republic had paid tribute to the subject of democracy in his address last April to Congress, during a state visit to Washington.

France takes note of the results, on which it is not its place to pass comment. They create a new balance between the two chambers – something which has already happened in the past.

France is convinced that the US's two main political parties will be able to cooperate where necessary so that the country can fully assume its role within the international community.

France will continue to work with the US in the same spirit of cooperation, friendship and candour on the many subjects of common interest, which have to do with our security and values alike. This will once again be the case when the President of the Republic meets with President Trump, on Sunday 11 November, during the commemorations of the end of World War I.