14 December 2015

Universal COP21 agreement - a victory for the planet

12 December 2015 will remain a key date for people everywhere as the date on which the universal climate agreement, unanimously approved by the delegations concerned, was reached. The agreement was certainly long-awaited, and France pulled out all the stops to ensure the success of the Paris Climate Conference, since never before had an issue brought together so many Heads of State and Government or involved so many national contributions. It is also an historic agreement that will help limit the increase in temperatures to a maximum of 2 degrees overall and 1.5 degrees by the end of the century, with a clause introduced to review these commitments.
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"We had been waiting for this agreement for a long time", President Hollande announced upon announcing its unanimous approval among the delegations.
He reiterated the fact that awareness of the issue had been growing for over forty years but that until 12 December this year no firm commitments had been made. The Paris Conference made it possible to establish the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) outlining the commitments on the part of each State.

An historic agreement heralding a new era

With the unanimous approval of the agreement by the delegations concerned began a new page in world history since we are now in a position to limit the rise in temperatures to a maximum of 2 degrees, and even 1.5 degrees by the end of the century, with a clause introduced for reviewing these commitments. $100 billion will also be spent on adapting economies, particularly in the most vulnerable of countries.
France's commitments begin now and include the following:
  • Revising its commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 at the latest.
  • Revising its financial contribution to adapting economies, particularly where the most vulnerable of countries are concerned.
  • Forming a coalition with other countries with similar motivations to establish a carbon price that will help to redirect investment.
  • The proposal that those countries wishing to take action more quickly be able to update all of their commitments before 2020.
In light of the Paris Agreement, France is proud to have hosted the conference that declared the rights of Humanity in the very place where the Rights of Man and of the Citizen were declared. After all, "fighting for our climate is part of a fight […] for human dignity, a fight for equality and a fight for basic rights", the President of the Republic said.
"A new chapter in history can now be written for harmony between humanity and the planet."
Manuel Valls, Prime Minister
12 December 2015

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10 December 2015