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Tourism Plan

In order to consolidate France’s position as the world’s leading tourist destination and reach the objective of receiving 100 million international tourists by 2020, the Government has set out an ambitious policy for developing the tourism sector.



The Government is committed to strengthening France’s attractiveness to tourists, by taking and supporting concrete measures in six priority areas:

  • quality of reception at and security of sites, essential factors in ensuring tourist satisfaction and loyalty;
  • structuring of the tourist offer, in order to attract growing numbers of international tourists;
  • state support for investment, a fundamental component of the Government’s strategy;
  • training and employment, both key to ensuring the quality of the service offer;
  • support for digitisation and information sharing, in order to make the sector more competitive;
  • access to holidays for as many people as possible.

An initial set of measures was taken at the first meeting of the Interministerial Council for Tourism (ICT), held in July 2017. These measures reflected the diversity of the areas of intervention, including reducing the timeframe for issuing visas, a maintenance plan for highways providing access to airports, an investment plan and apprenticeship contracts.

Find out more about the measures taken at the first ICT meeting

A second ICT meeting took place on 19 January 2018, enabling unprecedented investment and promotion measures to be taken.

Find out more about the measures taken at the second ICT meeting


France’s attractiveness is based on the diversity of its offer in all areas: culture, tangible and intangible heritage, vitality of artistic creation, cultural and creative industries, language, art of living, etc.

Initial results for tourist numbers in 2017 are very encouraging: estimates forecast an increase of over 5 million tourists between 2016 and 2017. In total, France should receive 89 million foreign tourists in 2017. The Government would like to set an ambitious objective: bring this figure to 100 million by 2020 and increase the average length of stay in the country. This would lead to an increase in tourism revenue with a new challenging objective: 50 billion euros in 2020 (against 40 billion euros at present).

Eventually, this dual objective would enable the creation of 300 000 more jobs across the whole of Metropolitan and Overseas France.


19 January 2018: second Interministerial Council for Tourism meeting

26 July 2017: first Interministerial Council for Tourism meeting

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