Paris Orly Airport
19 April 2019

The Orly 3 junction building is officially opened

On 18 April 2019, the Prime Minister officially opened the new Orly 3 junction building, offering passengers a better experience travelling through Paris-Orly airport, France's second largest airport.
Orly links the main economic hub in the southern Île-de-France region with other major international competitiveness hubs such as China and Brazil. France is the world's leading tourist destination: in 2018, it broke all records, welcoming more than 90 million visitors. Visitor reception is therefore of major importance.

In his speech, Edouard Philippe stated that the Orly 3 junction building is one of the ways in which reception can be improved. Another way forward is to reduce border waiting times. This is why the number of officials with responsibility in this area has increased in Orly, from 496 on 1st January 2017 to 672 on 1st March 2019. In October 2017, automatic gates were also introduced.

Orly 3: significant progress for all passengers

Until now, Orly airport has had to cope with the division between its two unconnected terminals, Orly-West and Orly-South. It was not possible to offset saturation peaks at one terminal with dips in activity at the other. The single terminal now brings new unity and a new dimension to the airport. It increases the airport's capacity and will improve transit passengers' journeys, particularly from Metropolitan regions to Overseas France.

Transport links to the airport and the Orly hub are set to undergo a real transformation to benefit the daily lives of travellers with:
  • the completion of the Grand Paris Express in its entirety, linking Orly with Paris by 2024 via line 14, the Saclay Plateau by 2027 at the latest, and Versailles by 2030 at the latest, via line 18;
  • the reliability of TGV and RER C trains being ensured by the Massy-Valenton rail link, with work shortly to be resumed on the eastern section and financing soon to be secured on the western section;
  • the creation of a new TGV station in the Orly Pont de Rungis sector. Finally, the State has committed to funding the T9 tramway between Paris and Orly Ville, as well as the extension of the T7 line to Juvisy.
In addition to its transport networks, the territory of Grand-Orly has many other advantages which also make it attractive, such as the Rungis National Interest Market, and soon the Cité de la Gastronomie (Gastronomy Centre). To support its economic development, the Government has chosen Grand-Orly as one of the "136 territories of industry".

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