Building vehicles in France
24 May 2016

The New Face of Industry in France: building the industry of the future

The New Face of Industry in France and the Alliance for the Industry of the Future have been launched with the aim of strengthening French industry to bolster its role in globalisation. Initial results have already emerged and must be maintained in order to develop this action and put French industry at the cutting edge of innovation.
Content published under the Government Valls III from 2016 11th February to 2016 06th December
The New Face of Industry in France was launched in September 2013 with the aim of accelerating the country's industrial renaissance by supporting businesses in their efforts to move upmarket and by helping them to establish a presence within the major markets of the future. In May 2015, the Government decided to give the programme an additional boost by adopting a new approach in the form of the Industry of the Future and a new logic in the form of nine industrial solutions. One year on, the time has come to look at the initial progress made and identify new prospects.
French industrial production is resuming. Industrial investment is increasing vigorously:
  • Industrial firms have restored their margins and the cost of employment in France has decreased, with no loss of income on the part of employees.
  • It is important now to develop this action and to build the industry of tomorrow, thus ensuring sustainable growth.
The Government has pursued several avenues of action to support businesses moving upmarket, notably in the following ways:
  • By encouraging investment:
    • Through the protection of the research tax credit scheme and the introduction of a special investment support mechanism in the form of over-amortisation.
    • Through the creation of a public investment bank (Bpifrance) and later the tax credit for competitiveness and jobs, followed by, in January 2014, the Responsibility Pact. 
    • These measures are in addition to the 2 billion euros in loans that Bpifrance has granted to the industries of the future.  
  • By structuring the productive forces: The New Face of Industry in France provides a single banner behind which local ecosystems involving businesses—SMEs in particular— laboratories and authorities can be formed. It is important that we place greater importance on competitiveness clusters in the future.
  • By anticipating: meaning training the employees of today so that their skills enable them to adopt new manufacturing technologies tomorrow.
The New Face of Industry in France and the Alliance for the Industry of the Future have been launched with the aim of freeing up funding whilst allowing businesses to work on defining their strategies:
  • Initial results have already started to emerge. Many projects have been launched and practical and promising achievements have emerged, from the 40,000 km travelled by autonomous vehicles on our roads to the commissioning of the new Sequana supercomputers, not to mention the marketing of the first electric satellites. 
  • It is important to continue and indeed accelerate this action, since the alliance formed between employees, manufacturers, elected representatives and public authorities is vital to the future of French industry.

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