The GovTech Summit: a rendezvous for innovators at the service of citizens

Set to be held in Paris on 12 November, the GovTech Summit will be an unprecedented event bringing together political leaders, European ministers, mayors of major EU cities, innovators from across the continent, public officials, companies and academics. The aim: to imagine the technological government of tomorrow’s world.


A rapidly growing sector made up of innovative startups taking full advantage of the latest technological advances and the digital transformation of administrations, GovTech aims to create better public services for citizens and better tools for public officials.

President Macron
As the President of the Republic asserted, "There has never been a better time to make public services more accessible and approachable by making use of new technological solutions. The GovTech Summit provides a unique opportunity for public officials, intellectuals, innovators and investors to meet each other, exchange viewpoints and discuss the future of public action and democracy. We look forward to welcoming them all to Paris."

Enjoying Emmanuel Macron’s support along with that of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the European Commission, the first GovTech Summit aims to imagine innovative services that make citizens central to public action, where public officials have a wide range of resources and technological information at their fingertips and can use dynamic new methods to improve the quality, efficiency and pertinence of services adapted to individual needs.

The Summit will bring together over 90 speakers, covering such varied subjects as:

  • Mobility.
  • Health.
  • Security.
  • International development.
  • eGovernment.
  • Civic and citizen engagement.

Guests will take part in roundtables and networking sessions, as well as in the biggest gathering ever organised on this theme, to explore ways in which technology can transform public action and democracy to the benefit of all Europe’s citizens:

  • Startups will be presenting their solutions through networking sessions and such events as the “GovTech Pitch”.
  • Actors in the public sector will be able to meet with Europe’s leading decision-makers and innovators from the public and technological sectors and acquaint themselves with European best practices in the use of technology to improve public action.
  • Companies and investors will get to discover a rapidly growing sector, and will have an opportunity to meet with the founders of Europe’s best GovTech startups along with public purchasers on the lookout for new ideas.


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