The figures for French Cinema in 2016

What was the total number of cinema admissions for French films in 2016? Which feature films were best received by the public? Which European country has made the most co-productions with French producers? You can find out the answers to all of these questions in our infographic.

  • Cinema admissions in France
213 million admissions (+3.6% compared to 2015), the second best result for 50 years (behind 2011 with 217 million).
>> This is the highest level of cinema attendance in Europe!
  • French films
drew 75 million admissions (+3% compared to 2015)
>> a 35.3% share of the market (up 3.1% compared to 2015)
>> 18 French films exceeded 1 million admissions this year, which is 4 more than in 2015.
the podium: Les Tuche 2: Le rêve américain (4.6 million), Camping 3 (3.2 million), Radin! (2.9 million)
  • The vitality of French cinema
221 approved French-initiative films in 2016
>> 78.2% of approved films
For info: the approval of the National Cinema Centre (CNC) determines the level of automatic aid granted by the CNC to French producers.
More than 1.1 billion euros of French investment in French-initiative films in 2016
>> +21.7% compared to 2015
Films co-produced with a number of European partners
>> Podium: Belgium (28), Germany (11), Italy (3)
France attracts foreign cinema
Spending by foreign film companies in the Île de France (Parisian) region tripled in 2016 (source: Audiens, Île de France Film Commission), totalling around 150 million euros.

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