Flags of Europe, France and Germany
19 November 2018

Strengthening European sovereignty

During his speech to the Bundestag, given at the invitation of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Germany’s "Remembrance Day" (to commemorate soldiers killed in past wars), the President of the Republic announced that the new Franco-German responsibility is to build stronger European sovereignty.
In his first address to the Bundestag, the French President delivered a concise and solemn speech. He underlined the "new Franco-German responsibility": having worked to ensure unity in Europe, France and Germany must now work together to build Europe’s sovereignty, and to achieve this we must "overcome our taboos and rise above our old habits".

Building this new responsibility is vital both for Europe itself, to prevent it from becoming “the plaything of powers that want to eliminate us from the game today", and for ensuring that Europe can play its role in the world, which means "not allowing it to slide into chaos and guiding it on the road to peace ".

Efforts should in particular be made to tackle several challenges, which the European Union was not originally set up to handle:
  • the economy and the social sector (particularly the strengthening of the Eurozone)
  • innovation and artificial intelligence
  • defence and security
  • ecological and energy transition
  • food sovereignty
  • migration
"An important milestone was reached with the Meseberg Summit [last June]; we must now focus on ensuring this agreement is properly implemented." As a reminder, the Meseberg agreement mainly deals with migration and defence issues, and above all with strengthening the Eurozone, in particular through the creation of a Eurozone budget, expected to be launched in 2021.

Essential meetings will be held in the coming months, ahead of the European elections:
  • In the very near future, the position on Brexit will be established;
  • In December, decisions on the Eurozone and migration will be made;
  • In January, the Élysée Treaty will be renewed.


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