Family photo - 25th Franco-Spanish Summit
22 February 2017

Security: Franco-Spanish cooperation stepped up

The French and Spanish Ministers of the Interior have signed a number of agreements bearing on civil security and the fight against drug trafficking.
Content published under the Government Cazeneuve from 2016 06th December to 2017 14th May
On the occasion of the 25th Franco-Spanish Summit, held in Malaga on Monday 20 February, Bruno Le Roux and his Spanish counterpart Juan Ignacio Zoido Alvarez signed two agreements bearing on bilateral cooperation in the field of civil security. They also announced their intention of stepping up the fight against illegal drug trafficking and of cooperating in the training of student gendarmes.

Cooperation on civil security

The first agreement, bearing on use of aerial water bombers to fight forest fires during mutual assistance operations, specifies operational rules of engagement from the beginning of such actions along with the relevant administrative and financial provisions. The agreement primarily concerns a set of specific geographical areas:
  • for France: the “Nouvelle Aquitaine”, “Occitanie” and “Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur” Regions and Corsica.
  • for Spain: the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Aragon, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands.
The second agreement, bearing on emergency assistance management in the Pyrenees border area sets the procedures for carrying out mutual assistance operations. Such operations cover everyday risks (preventing and fighting fires, aid and assistance to people in danger, etc.) as well as specific risks that may be largely unforeseeable but can have very serious effects.

Cooperation in the fight against illegal drug trafficking

The Ministers announced their intention of stepping up the fight against illegal drug trafficking, in particular by:
  • increasing exchanges of strategic information in the field of organised crime,
  • encouraging setup of joint investigative teams by the competent judicial authorities, with support from Europol if required,
  • intensifying controls on land and sea routes.
The Ministers also agreed to the setup of a project for cooperation on the training of student gendarmes. The idea is for France to become a paying user of Spanish training infrastructures capable of lodging a company of 120 gendarme trainees for the 8 months of their initial instruction, as from the second half of 2017. Training would be delivered by French gendarmes. An exploratory mission will be carried out in Madrid in the coming weeks with a view to specifying the ways in which the project will be implemented.

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