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23 November 2017

Sale of migrants in Libya: France calls for urgent United Nations Security Council session

Video footage broadcast on 14 November by the TV channel CNN appeared to show migrants being auctioned off in Libya. These revelations have sparked international outrage. France has urged the United Nations Security Council to convene an urgent meeting.

For the President of the Republic, what the CNN has revealed "is indeed trafficking of human beings. It is a crime against humanity. France is taking proactive efforts to combat migrant trafficking in all its forms. But we need to go much further in the fight against traffickers who commit such crimes, and to cooperate with all the countries in the region to dismantle these networks," he continued.
This is why France has decided to request an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. It would like the Security Council to gather the public opinions of the International Organization for Migration and High Commissioner for Refugees, so that these two United Nations bodies bring to the public's attention what is really happening on the ground in Libya.
"If the Libyan justice system cannot carry this procedure through then we should open international sanctions," Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, said, underlining the fact that "this type of tragedy can only be resolved if there is a political solution initiated today by the United Nations".