7 November 2018

Referendum in New Caledonia: a “true democratic success for the people”

The Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, travelled to New Caledonia on 5 November 2018, the day after the referendum in which a majority of New Caledonians voted to remain part of France.

According to the final results from the 284 polling stations, the “no” vote for independence won the day at 56.7% (78,734 votes), versus 43.3% (60,199 votes) for the “yes” vote.

The Prime Minister, who noted with “great satisfaction that everyone agrees on the undisputed outcome of this referendum”, hailed a “true democratic success for the people”.

Over and above institutional matters, he pledged to once again give precedence to “the key economic and social issues” which have “sometimes taken a back seat”, whereas they “represent one of the mainsprings of the Matignon and Nouméa Accords” dating back to 1988 and 1998.

Édouard Philippe has invited the political forces of New Caledonia to Paris in December for talks to “jointly draw the first conclusions” from the referendum on self-determination.

“We will also need to find the time and approach for talks, between the State and political forces, on these key societal issues”, he said, adding that, together with the Minister for Overseas France, Annick Girardin, the Government intends to outline “proposals along these lines during the next Committee of Signatories”.


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