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Public Action 2022: for transformation of public services

On 13 October 2017, the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, launched the “Public Action 2022” programme alongside Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Public Action and Accounts, and Mounir Mahjoubi, Minister of State for the Digital Sector. This ambitious programme aims to rethink the public action model by taking an in-depth look at the professions involved in and modes of public action with regard to the digital revolution which is currently reshaping our society.



The “Public Action 2022” programme was launched on 13 October 2017, the date on which the “CAP 22” Public Action Committee was officially inaugurated. It is composed of some thirty individuals, including economists, public and private sector actors, and elected officials. A “Young Public Action 2022” committee was also launched in parallel, made up of students and young workers who will be putting forward their suggestions in April 2018.

The three objectives

  1. For users: improving public service quality, by moving from a control culture to a trust culture, and by working on simplification and digitisation of administrative procedures.
  2. For public servants: providing them with a modernised working environment, by fully involving them in definition and monitoring of transformations.
  3. For taxpayers: accompanying the decrease in public expenditure, with a stated objective of -3 GDP points by 2022.

The six key principles

  1. Full consideration of all public administrations: the State and its operators, social security administrations and local authorities.
  2. Accountability of ministries: they will be the “frontrunners” of the public policies they carry out.
  3. Priority given to digital transformation of administrations, with the aim of having 100% of public services dematerialised by 2022.
  4. Major resources for public transformation, with a dedicated €700-million fund over the next five years, including €200 million in 2018.
  5. Involvement of public servants and public service users throughout the initiative, in order to collect their proposals.
  6. Top-level political backing by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

The method

Public Action 2022 will involve maximum interaction between expertise and expectations. The floor will be given:

  • to qualified individuals, who will be represented on the CAP 22 (Public Action 2022 Committee);
  • to citizens and public servants, in the context of the Public Action Forum;
  • to union organisations, which will be involved and consulted throughout the programme.

A fund of €700 million over 5 years, managed by the Ministry of Public Action and Accounts, has been set up as part of the Big Investment Plan. This is the first time the State has allocated so many new resources to transformation of the administration.


Transforming public action is essential if we are to keep up with the far-reaching changes that are taking place in our society and disrupting professions and modes of public action: the upsurge of digital technology, development of new collaborative usages, changing expectations on the part of users desirous of greater proximity, development and use of artificial intelligence, and optimisation of use of big data.

With the launch of the “Public Action 2022” programme in October 2017, the Government aims to build a new model for carrying out public policies, which takes full account of the digital revolution and new uses of digital technology. Public servants, public service users and taxpayers should all benefit from the administration’s digital transformation.

"Public Action 2022 aims to give fresh meaning, coherence and clarity to public action. We shall not succeed in setting France sustainably to rights unless we all join forces and ask ourselves what we should and can expect from the State and our public services."
Edouard Philippe
Prime Minister



  • 20 June 2019 : 3rd Inter-ministerial Committee for Public Transformation. Main topics: transparency and assessments.
  • 29 October 2018: 2nd Inter-ministerial Committee for Public Transformation. Main topics covered: going paperless, the use of contract workers, the plan to transform the ministries, and renovation of the State's property assets.
  • 1 February 2018: The Inter-ministerial Committee for Public Transformation. The Prime Minister announced the first measures relating to transformation of public action implemented in the context of the Public Action 2022 initiative. Measures have five main focuses.
  • 13 October 2017: launch of the “Public Action 2022” programme.