#ParisBookFair: discover the figures for the book sector

Content published under Valls III's Government from 2016 11th Février to 2016 06th Décembre
The French and reading, the book industry, e-books: to celebrate the Paris Book Fair, let’s take a look at the figures for the book sector, a French model that works.
  • The French and books
Study conducted by the Centre National du Livre and IPSOS, March 2015

85% of French people say they read
Readers on average read 16 books per year
 14 in paper form and 2 e-books
  • The book industry
Economic survey conducted by the French Publishers Association (SNE), June 2015
The leading producer of cultural content in France.
€5.5 billion: the added value of the book sector.
3,000 active publishing organisations publish at least one work per year. 70% of these were created less than twenty years ago.

Almost 80,000 jobs directly linked to the book industry in France.
  • E-books
SOFIA/SNE/SGDL barometer on the uses of e-books for the French Publishers Association (SNE) between 8 and 13 February 2016

Readers of e-books represent 20% (+2% compared to 2015)

35% of e-book readers think that their use of e-books will increase in the future

18% think it will decrease

86% of these readers use an e-reader

58% use a tablet

37% use a laptop

27% use a smartphone

57 min: the time spent reading on-screen every day by e-book users

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