Electronic Devices
11 November 2018

Paris Digital Week

For the first time, major thinkers, innovators, decision-makers and investors will gather to participate in a global discussion on current and future digital issues, hopefully easing the way to create the right regulatory foundations for a future market. From November 11 to 14, 2018, France is proud to host three major international events in Paris, covering the spectrum of digital issues.

Over the last two decades, more than half of humanity has seen its daily life profoundly changed by the emergence of new technologies. The Internet and digital technologies are not only central to the lives of billions of people, but also critical to the functioning of entire societies, states and economies. We now live in a world shaped by digital connections. This multi-faceted digital transformation entails profound changes, offering many new opportunities - for enlightenment, collaboration and prosperity. But it also brings considerable challenges, not least for the functioning of rules-based democracies.

Genuinely understanding this transformation and creating the best possible springboard for global prosperity and security will require engagement on an international scale in a multi-stakeholder discussion, bringing together states, local authorities, international organizations, large and small companies, citizens and NGOs. Core to this discussion must be an examination of three key questions: how the latest digital technologies - including artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things - should be governed; how the technology-empowered transformation impacts on the relationships between the state and citizens; and how public services should be delivered in future.

This is the aim of Paris Digital Week.

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