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28 August 2019

Outcome of the G7 Summit in Biarritz

The G7 Summit, which ended on 26 August 2019, paved the way for progress in terms of the meeting format and tangible international initiatives for citizens.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, presented France as a "mediating power" which is championing a "strong multilateralism", a balancing power which demonstrates its ability to speak to everyone.

France is committed to developing meaningful, universal solutions and taking initiatives to move forward. As such, on Iran, a key milestone was reached by fostering stability while reasserting the goals and ambitions (no nuclear weapons, de-escalating tensions). With the requisite prudence, France set the stage for dialogue.

Renewing the format of the G7

The aim was to host a worthwhile G7 and to turn our backs on a form of bureaucratisation of this type of summit. Direct interaction, respectful explanation of positions and efforts to reach agreements were the approaches taken in the method adopted (rather than negotiations on the drafting of a final communiqué).

Inviting other nations with major influence as well as civil society groups and businesses to attend alongside the G7 Leaders, in a bid to lay the groundwork for meaningful progress (such as in the maritime transport sector and fashion industry for example), also helped to achieve a renewed format for the G7.

The G7 has therefore proven to be a wholly "useful summit" in more than one respect, with:
  • open discussions between the G7 Leaders;
  • steps forward in the situation with Iran (the President of Iran claims to be willing to meet with the US President and vice-versa if the conditions are met). Work is continuing;
  • key meetings to come for Libya;
  • alleviation in terms of global trade, not least with the pledge to work on its organisation over the coming weeks;
  • the prospect of an agreement on a global digital tax in the context of the OECD, which will replace France's domestic tax.

A G7 that resonates with citizens' day-to-day lives

The commitment and breakthroughs as regards stabilising the region around Iran and Libya concern all citizens directly. Accordingly, on Libya, efforts must be made to bring an end to the humanitarian and migration tragedies unfolding from this region.

With respect to trade, a slowdown in growth and risks of repercussions on unemployment rates among our partners and in France alike must be avoided.

The Biarritz Partnership for gender equality is also evidence of the pledge that the countries endorsing it have made to enhance their legislation in line with the recommendations of the Gender Equality Advisory Council.

Finally, the Amazon is the world's green lung. This is why the G7 has pledged $20m in aid to tackle the fires and France has spearheaded an initiative for a global plan to eliminate deforestation (which will be finalised at the United Nations General Assembly - UNGA).

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28 August 2019


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