Irma: now is the time for action, solidarity and urgency

Hurricane Irma, which has been classified as a category 5 storm (the highest on the scale), has crossed the Antilles and hit the F... [Read more]
7 September 2017

France, the first country to prohibit exploitation of hydrocarbons

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday 6 September, the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition p... [Read more]
7 September 2017

North Korea: France calls for a firm and united reaction from the international community

Despite the significant pressure and new sanctions directed against North Korea with the 5 August 2017 resolution of the United Na... [Read more]
5 September 2017

#SemaineAmbass: “Words are not enough. We need to take action.”

On 31 August, which marked the closing day of “Ambassadors’ Week” (an annual fixture during which, among other things, diplomats r... [Read more]
1 September 2017

Ambassadors' Week: a unique opportunity for developing projects and finding out more about what France is doing abroad

This year's Ambassadors' Week is taking place from 28 to 31 August 2017 in Paris. The theme selected for the 2017 Edition, "Revita... [Read more]
28 August 2017

France is underscoring its ambition to reform the posting of workers in Europe

The purpose of the President of the Republic's visit to Austria, Romania and Bulgaria from 23 to 25 August is to strengthen France... [Read more]
24 August 2017

Lille and Paris candidate cities for the relocation of UK-based European agencies

Lille and Paris are bidding to host the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EB... [Read more]
7 August 2017

Interministerial Council for Tourism

With some 83 million international tourists received in 2016, France is the world’s top tourist destination. In order to consolida... [Read more]
26 July 2017

Bastille Day 2017: "Operational together"

"Operational together" is this year’s chosen theme for the Bastille Day festivities on 14 July. With the terror threat still loomi... [Read more]
13 July 2017

Making Paris the leading European Financial Centre post-Brexit

On 7 July, at the Monnaie de Paris, Edouard Philippe, Prime minister, presented measures to all relevant stakeholders to establish... [Read more]
10 July 2017