Syria summit: a useful step forward for talks

On 27 October 2018, the President of the Republic, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan gathered in Istanbul for... [Read more]
29 October 2018

Civic Service: 5,000 young people to help in welcoming refugees

On 26 October 2018, Minister of State attached to the Minister of the Interior Laurent Nunez launched Volont'R, a civic programme ... [Read more]
28 October 2018

Armed Forces: a future aircraft carrier to succeed the "Charles de Gaulle"

On 23 October 2018, the Minister for the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, officially launched the aircraft-carrier renewal programme ... [Read more]
24 October 2018

Davos: France’s competitiveness and attractiveness are on the way up

The results of the World Economic Forum’s 2018-2019 “Global Competitiveness Report” show substantial improvement in French competi... [Read more]
19 October 2018

Towards simplification of taxation for French citizens abroad

In the context of the 2019 draft budget, Gérald Darmanin is proposing a series of measures aimed at reforming taxation of French c... [Read more]
18 October 2018

Council of Ministers: official photo of the Government

A government reshuffle took place on 16 October 2018. The first Council of Ministers of the new government team was held on 17 Oct... [Read more]
17 October 2018

The Francophonie is now more valuable than ever given the crisis of multilateralism

The 17th Francophonie Summit is taking place on 11 and 12 October in Yerevan (Armenia). At the summit, France is supporting the ca... [Read more]
12 October 2018

CO2: a new European goal to ensure that new vehicles consume less fuel

A 35% reduction in new vehicles’ CO2 emissions by 2030 compared with 2021: such is the goal that the EU’s 28 Environment Ministers... [Read more]
11 October 2018

The IPCC report scientifically confirms the need for urgent action on climate change

Act now: this is what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report, released on 8 October 2018, is urging. ... [Read more]
9 October 2018

Brexit: France would like a deal to be reached but is preparing for all possible scenarios

A bill enabling the Government to take preparatory measures, by Ordinance, for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European U... [Read more]
4 October 2018