A year after the camp was dismantled, the situation in Calais is now much improved

Since Calais’ illegal camp, where some 7,400 migrants were living, was evacuated a year ago, the local situation has much improved... [Read more]
25 October 2017

Posted workers: an ambitious agreement reached

The European ministers of Labour and of Social Affairs met in Luxembourg on 23 October, and agreed on a revision of the directive ... [Read more]
24 October 2017

Fight against smoking

On 20 October, Gérald Darmanin, Minister for Public Action and Accounts, spoke at the Congress of Tobacco Retailers. He highlighte... [Read more]
23 October 2017

The fall of Raqqa: action against Daesh in the Levant has reached an important milestone

The Military Staff of the Global Coalition against Daesh has confirmed, on 20 October, the liberation of the city of Raqqa, in Syr... [Read more]
23 October 2017

Counter-terrorism: G7 cooperates with Internet giants

During a meeting of their Home Affairs Ministers on 20 October, G7 member States have decided to strengthen their coordination fac... [Read more]
20 October 2017

Prime Minister's visit to Brussels

On 16 October, Edouard Philippe went to Brussels where he held talks with Charles Michel, his Belgian counterpart. He also met wit... [Read more]
17 October 2017

France's vision on the management of agricultural risks

On 14 and 15 October, Stéphane Travert, Minister of Agriculture and Food, attended the G7 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting in Bergam... [Read more]
16 October 2017

An amendment to protect the ozone layer

An amendment to the Montreal Protocol has just been presented, on 11 October, to the Council of Ministers. It is aimed at preventi... [Read more]
12 October 2017

Spain's unity and constitutional order must be preserved

France's stance on the situation regarding Catalonia is clear: France sets great store by the unity and integrity of Spain, a frie... [Read more]
11 October 2017

Regulation of the digital economy in France and Europe

France wholeheartedly supports the efforts being taken by the European Commission to guarantee the conditions for fair and loyal c... [Read more]
6 October 2017