Europe: building a new sovereignty

During a speech delivered to the European Parliament on 17 April 2018, the President of the Republic presented his vision of Europ... [Read more]
18 April 2018

The military intervention in Syria has punished a repeated violation of international law

A Parliamentary debate was held on 16 April following the military intervention in Syria. It provided the Prime Minister with an o... [Read more]
17 April 2018

Stability Programme 2018-2022: more optimistic forecasts than first expected

The Government presented its Stability Programme to the Council of Ministers on 11 April 2018; the document outlines the medium-te... [Read more]
13 April 2018

France welcomes the European’s Commission’s proposals on food safety

Building on lessons learned from debate on European re-examinations of glyphosate, the European Commission has just outlined the p... [Read more]
12 April 2018

Artificial Intelligence: “Making France a leader”

On the occasion of the “AI for Humanity” conference at the Collège de France, the President of the Republic presented France’s amb... [Read more]
30 March 2018

Employment: Unemployment figures at their lowest since 2009

The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has published the quarterly figures for employment and unemploy... [Read more]
16 February 2018

#Franceisback – In Davos, France advocates protective globalisation

In his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos on 24 January, the President of the Republic spoke in favour of adoption of a n... [Read more]
25 January 2018

Choose France summit: €3 billion in foreign investment over the next five years

140 business leaders from multinationals in various sectors are getting involved in large-scale investment projects, on the occasi... [Read more]
24 January 2018

Attractiveness: stronger international education provision in Ile-de-France (Paris region)

In order to strengthen France’s attractiveness, the Government and the Ile-de-France region are launching a plan to enhance intern... [Read more]
22 January 2018

Promotion and investment: two priorities of an ambitious policy for tourism

The 2nd Interministerial Council for Tourism (CIT), which met on 19 January 2018, is considerably scaling up the means devoted to ... [Read more]
22 January 2018