New sensitive fields with regard to terrorist financing risks

Tracfin’s 2017/2018 Annual Report is devoted to analysis of the main typologies of emerging frauds and risks covered by the Servic... [Read more]
29 November 2018

Draft European Energy and Climate Strategy for carbon neutrality by 2050

France welcomes the ambition of the draft long-term Energy and Climate Strategy for Europe which the European Commission has just ... [Read more]
29 November 2018

Multiannual Energy Programme: what are its aims?

On 27 November 2018, the Government presented the Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE). This is not a piece of legislation, but pres... [Read more]
28 November 2018

Brexit: a good agreement that preserves the EU’s interests and values

The 27 European Union (EU) Member States met with Theresa May on 25 November to approve the agreement on the United Kingdom’s with... [Read more]
27 November 2018

Strategy to attract international students

On 19 November 2018 in Paris, during the Rencontres Universitaires de la Francophonie (University Meetings for the Francophonie), ... [Read more]
22 November 2018

Strengthening European sovereignty

During his speech to the Bundestag, given at the invitation of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Germany’s "Remembrance ... [Read more]
19 November 2018

The consequences of a no-deal Brexit

Speaking at the Interministerial Committee for the Sea, held in Dunkirk on 15 November 2018, Édouard Philippe particularly mention... [Read more]
16 November 2018

Defence agreements between France, Albania and Cyprus

A bill authorises approval of defence cooperation agreements with Albania and Cyprus.... [Read more]
15 November 2018

Provisional agreement on Brexit

A provisional agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union has been reached on 14 November. This is very good news. T... [Read more]
15 November 2018

Ending deforestation caused by importing unsustainable products

In keeping with the commitment made under the Climate Plan adopted in July 2017, France has just adopted its National Strategy to ... [Read more]
14 November 2018