Glyphosate: rather than a sudden, outright ban, there will be a gradual phasing-out of pesticides posing a risk to health or biodiversity

The European Commission has proposed renewing the approval of glyphosate for ten years. Given the uncertainties that still loom ov... [Read more]
25 September 2017

France will ensure CETA’s compliance with European standards on health and the environment

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA), signed on 30 October 2016 after five ... [Read more]
22 September 2017

France confirms its leadership role on climate issues

During the UN General Assembly, the international launch summit of the "Global Pact for the Environment" was held on 19 September,... [Read more]
22 September 2017

Édouard Philippe in Berlin: "France must be strong for its partners – Germany first and foremost"

The Prime Minister made his first official visit to Berlin on 15 September: an opportunity to meet with the President of the Feder... [Read more]
18 September 2017

The Olympics in Paris in 2024: a team victory for a jubilant and exemplary Games

Paris has been elected host city of the 2024 Olympic Games during the 131st session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) o... [Read more]
14 September 2017

EHDs 2017: focus on youth

The 2017 edition of European Heritage Days (EHDs) will be focusing on youth, with the priority aim of raising younger citizens’ aw... [Read more]
13 September 2017

Four European countries are backing joint proposal on taxing tech giants

France, Germany, Italy and Spain have come up with a joint proposal aimed at taxing tech giants. This involves taxing these compan... [Read more]
13 September 2017

Irma: now is the time for action, solidarity and urgency

Hurricane Irma, which has been classified as a category 5 storm (the highest on the scale), has crossed the Antilles and hit the F... [Read more]
7 September 2017

France, the first country to prohibit exploitation of hydrocarbons

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday 6 September, the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition p... [Read more]
7 September 2017

North Korea: France calls for a firm and united reaction from the international community

Despite the significant pressure and new sanctions directed against North Korea with the 5 August 2017 resolution of the United Na... [Read more]
5 September 2017