15 February 2016

Migrants: long-term solutions in Calais

The Government is committed to finding long-term solutions for both the people of Calais and the migrants concerned.

Content published under the Government Valls III from 2016 11th February to 2016 06th December
Since the autumn, the number of migrants in Calais has reduced considerably thanks to the implementation of a number of humanitarian solutions, including the acceleration of asylum procedures, sanitary improvements at the heath camp and the departure of migrants to reception and guidance centres elsewhere in France. This has helped bring the number of migrants in Calais down to around 3,700, as opposed to 6,000 just a few months ago, whereas the migrant crisis that has spread across Europe has not eased, with 80% of those who have left the camp since the autumn having applied for asylum.
As a result, in the southern part of the camp, two shelters in every three have been left inhabited. Furthermore, the prefecture has decided to halve the area of the 'Jungle' (50 hectares). This decision will result in the relocation of 800 to 1,000 individuals that currently live in the area to accommodation provided by the State. Migrants will therefore be able to move to one of the following:
  • The provisional reception centre (CAP - Centre d'accueil provisoire) opened in January, with the capacity to accommodate 1,500 individuals. To date, 750 of the 1,500 places that will replace the heath camp are now available, and 700 are already occupied. The remaining 750 will be ready in the next few days, as planned.
  • One of the various reception and guidance centres (CAO - Centre d'accueil et d'orientation) around France, which have taken in 2,600 migrants from Calais since late October, from where they can initiate asylum application proceedings.
The aim is to ensure that no-one has to live in undignified conditions any longer.
In light of the migration situation in Calais, the Government is committed to finding long-term solutions and ensuring public order in order to enable the people of Calais to enjoy the security and tranquillity to which they are entitled, as well as to provide shelter and support for migrants in need of protection and wishing to apply for asylum, whilst at the same time resolutely fighting against traffickers.

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