TGV train
12 March 2019

Lyon-Turin tunnel: a strategic key project for France, Italy and Europe

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has asked France and the European Union to rediscuss the plans for a Lyon-Turin rail link and the distribution of costs. France holds firm in its belief that the planned rail link is worthwhile.

The Government has taken note of the Italian government's concerns over the planned Lyon-Turin link. For its part, France remains convinced that this flagship project is wholly of interest for trade and movements between our two nations and for Europe.

Backed by France and Italy for almost three decades already, the Lyon-Turin rail link is underpinned by a bilateral treaty ratified in 2017, and has secured European funding for 40% of the budget for building the cross-border tunnel. France reiterates its commitment to honour the pledges made and the project delivery dates.

Building of the cross-border tunnel and its French access points has been included in the investment planning outlined in the framework mobility bill. The Minister for Transport has also set an in-depth work process in motion with the local authorities for the delivery of the French access points.

France has always respected the Italian government's wishes to engage in discussions on this project, and is naturally open to holding talks between partners.

During this discussion phase, at the next Board meeting of TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin) France is in favour of launching the notifications for calls for applications necessary for work on the tunnel to continue. This will make it possible both to allow for the discussion period Italy wants and to maintain European funding.