French robot Nao
17 May 2019

Innovation to help further France's attractiveness

The cream of 2019's cutting-edge technological innovations is on show to the public at large on 18 May 2019, at the VivaTech trade fair in Paris, an essential rendezvous for startups and business leaders across the world.
Now that France has joined the club of the planet's 5 most attractive countries, according to the A.T. Kearney Consultancy's annual ranking, innovation is more than ever the driving force behind investments in France.

As a reminder, innovation and R&D are high on the list of foreign investors’ preferences, with the United States (26%), Italy (8%), Germany (8%) and Canada (7%) among countries leading the way. Investments in these fields have been increasing steadily, at an average annual rate of 9% since 2014. 129 investment projects were identified in 2018, as against 125 in 2017. With 2,793 jobs as against 2,282 in 2017 into the bargain (Business France figures).

The future is already here

A melting-pot of cutting-edge technological innovations, VivaTech highlights the proliferation of disruptive innovations that are set to revolutionise our future ways of life. In an increasingly digital world, use of artificial intelligence and exploitation of big data and robotics are enabling development of digital technologies across all areas of activity, including home automation, such means of communication as telephony, office automation, businesses, modes of transport, healthcare, environment, food supply and agricultural production.
An unparalleled showcase for innovation and a hive of ideas, the fair also provides numerous French startups with opportunities to gain new markets. According to the French Digital Agency's Activity Report for 2015-2016, 9,400 startups were identified in France over the period, 35% of them in the Paris region. Between 2012 and 2015, there was a 30% annual average increase in numbers of startups created.

The Armed Forces: a step forward

The Ministry for the Armed Forces will be present at the fair for the first time, joining up with the Defence Innovation Agency (AID) to present the major innovations under development to improve the effectiveness of national defence. Innovations that will enable increases in military people's capacities, efficient processing of data on theatres of operation, transport under extreme conditions, more effective camouflaging and better exploitation of satellite intelligence data.

Building Digital Trust Together

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16 May 2019