Increasing numbers of shops open in Paris’ international tourist zones

Since 2015, the law on growth, activity and equal opportunities has authorised shops located in international tourist zones (ZTIs – zones touristiques internationales) to open on Sundays and in the evenings. A study recently completed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance* provides an initial assessment, showing, among other things, a major increase in numbers of shops open in Paris.

What are ZTIs?
Introduced in August 2015, ZTIs adapt regulations on Sunday and evening (9 p.m. to midnight) opening to the realities of tourist numbers in France’s cities.
12 ZTIs in Paris
A high Sunday opening rate
The rate rose from 17.5% to 28.2% in ZTIs in just 18 months – between September 2015 (the month they were inaugurated) and February 2017 – making an increase of some 1000 shops in all. 
The present rate has even topped 70% in the Montmartre and Le Marais ZTIs, two of Paris’ most popular tourist areas. 
A dramatic increase in 18 months
  • + 74.2% luxury shops open. 
  • + 70.8% other non-food shops open. 
  • + 62% retail outlets open on Sundays.