27 January 2016

"Immersion France", an application to promote linguistic tourism

Incorporating the French language into tourism enhances the attractiveness of the regions and territories. Immersion France, a free application recently launched by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the agency Campus France, also aims to promote France’s touristic and linguistic appeal to visitors and foreign language-learners.
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With more than 130,000 students and foreigners coming to study French in France every year, linguistic tourism currently generates several thousand jobs in the country and over €115 million in turnover.

The world’s leading tourist destination, France has numerous assets that might incite learners to extend and diversify their stay or encourage tourists to discover its language during a trip to one of its regions. However, although the country’s range of linguistic stays is particularly diversified, from small independent centres to major universities, with a variety of training courses that meet the expectations of all audiences (students, professionals, families, etc.), it needs structure as well as increased visibility and legibility among foreign customers who are constantly connected and ever more demanding in terms of reception and services.

Immersion France: an application to promote linguistic stays

Based on this principle, and following consultations with professionals in the field at the first seminar dedicated to linguistic tourism held in June at the Quai d’Orsay, the MAEDI (The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development) and Campus France created the application Immersion France, in partnership with Atout France and TV5 Monde, which allows users to choose from more than 300 linguistic stays in France while discovering the touristic offering of our regions and the French art of living.

A free application for mobiles and tablets, available in French and English on Apple and soon on Android, Immersion France offers users the opportunity to tailor their stay in France according to their language level but also their preferences in terms of the length of their stay, accommodation, and any additional cultural or professional activities desired.

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18 January 2016