How to react in the event of a terrorist attack?

In the wake of the attacks of 13 November 2015, the Government is launching a campaign to raise awareness and help better prepare and protect citizens in the face of the terrorist threat. The “reacting in the event of a terrorist attack” poster provides practical instructions based on the three keywords: “escape, hide, alert”.
Reacting in the event of a terrorist attack
The following actions could save you before the arrival of the security forces
1/ Escape 2/ Hide
Locate the danger in order to move away from it Lock yourself in and barricade the entrance
Help others to escape if possible
Do not expose yourself
Turn off the lights and mute the sound on your devices
Alert the people around you and discourage people from entering the danger zone Move away from windows, lower yourself to the ground
  Or, hide behind a solid obstacle (wall, pillar, etc.)
  In any case, turn off your phone’s ringtone and vibrate mode
3/ Alert and obey the orders of the security forces
17 or 112 – As soon as you are safe, dial 17 or 112
Do not run towards the security forces and do not make any sudden movements
Keep your hands up and open
  • If you witness a situation or any behaviour you consider suspicious, you should contact the security forces (17 or 112)
  • When you enter a venue, locate the emergency exits
  • Do not publish any information on the security forces’ operations
  • Do not circulate rumours or any unverified information on the Internet and social networks
  • Follow the @Place_Beauvau and @gouvernementfr accounts on social networks
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