Restoring heritage
20 November 2017

Heritage Strategy

On 17 November Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, presented her Multiannual Heritage Strategy. This is aimed at restoring, showcasing and passing on heritage as well as taking Europe forward.
The strategy will have a bolstered budget to achieve its aims: the resources dedicated to maintaining and restoring heritage will amount to €326m in 2018, which is 5% more than in 2017. This is an unprecedented level of funding not seen in ten years and, just as the President of the Republic has pledged, it will be guaranteed over the five-year term: the €326m budget will be renewed every year.
Particular attention will be paid to small municipalities and local areas experiencing rural depopulation.
The measures outlined include:
  • a specific €15m fund set up in 2018 for restoring heritage in municipalities with under 10,000 inhabitants;
  • a "Heritage lottery" (special draw during the European Heritage Days and scratchcards), organised by La Française de Jeux, in the context of the 2017 Amending Finance Bill;
  • a participatory platform, accessible on the Ministry's website, enabling citizens to report heritage monuments in danger in their local community. This will assist the mission, entrusted by the President of the Republic to Stéphane Bern, of listing local heritage in danger and of finding new sources of funding for restoring it. 
There is also a European dimension to this Heritage Strategy. The Minister has mentioned two initiatives:
  • creating a Heritage "Grand Tour", an itinerary organised for French and European citizens taking in landmark sites in their shared history;
  • launching an Erasmus for Culture pilot project on the heritage occupations in 2018.