Phytosanitary treatment of a rose-tree in a garden.
27 October 2017

Glyphosate: France continues to seek a compromise with its European partners

On 25 October, the European Union (EU) failed to reach a decision on the renewal period for glyphosate, for which the licence expires in December. France is therefore continuing to seek a compromise with its European partners, with a view to developing farming methods that are less dependent on pesticides.
Within the context of the debate on the European Commission’s proposal to renew its approval of glyphosate in the EU, France has been working with the Commission and its European partners, in particular Germany and Italy, to reach a compromise on a renewal period that does not exceed four years. France reiterates that it is essential that the same rules apply in all Member States.
Having been consulted on an extension of ten, five or three years, France voted against ten- and five-year timeframes and in favour of a three-year timeframe, which seemed reasonable for the development, in parallel, of research and new alternative practices. Every effort must be made to ensure that credible alternatives will be available to farmers by the end of the time period chosen.
The talks held in Brussels on 25 October were unsuccessful. France will continue to seek a compromise with its partners in line with its objective of making significant headway, by the end of the five-year term, in the bid to develop farming methods that are less dependent on pesticides

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