Las Vegas
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9 January 2019

French Tech out in force at the Las Vegas CES

As from 8 January, almost 420 startups and established companies will be representing France at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Over 180,000 visitors expected and some 4,500 exhibitors: from 8 to 11 January 2019, Las Vegas will be marching to the beat of the 52nd edition of the Consumer Electronics Show. Created in 1967, the event is an annual fair that brings together tech companies from throughout the world. Exhibitors present their latest products and innovations designed for consumers. This year, France is the second largest foreign delegation after China, with nearly 420 companies including 380 startups.

Putting innovation at the service of the common good

For France’s representatives, this major tech fair is first and foremost an economic opportunity. “For our entrepreneurs, the CES is an unparalleled opportunity to make contacts across the world, get themselves talked about and, above all, sell their products worldwide”, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, Mounir Mahjoubi, explained in an interview he gave to La Dépêche newspaper. “It’s a great accelerator of reputation and activity alike!”

This year, the CES will also provide an opportunity to take a look at the future of tech from a new angle. “France has its own special voice as far as digital technology is concerned”, the Minister of State asserts. “French Tech has a major role to play in fleshing out this project: the French ecosystem should be a “Tech for Good” benchmark, based on projects that make sense for humanity and our planet.” A vision which is central to French Tech 2022.

A label created in 2014 and intended to reward metropolitan centres where startups are given room to flourish, “French Tech” also designates the ecosystem of these young French companies abroad. At the initiative of the public authorities, the French Tech movement also seeks to foster emergence of startups, encourage investment in the field and promote the image of French tech on the international scene. French Tech brings together 13 other regional ecosystems along with 12 more abroad in such cities as New York, Tokyo and Cape Town.

French Tech today
  • Over 10,000 startups, a number increasing by 30% every year.
  • A leading position in Europe’s high-growth startup indexes.
  • Annual totals of funds raised increased threefold in 5 years, peaking at 2.5 billion euros in 2017.
  • Significant participation (>12%) in annual net job creations in France.
  • 35 certified communities in France and abroad.

Creating a genuine “French brand” abroad

France had already attracted attention in 2018 due to the number of its representatives: 412 companies had travelled to Las Vegas, accompanied by the Minister of State for the Digital Sector. This year, with a view to increasing its delegation’s visibility yet further, the French Tech Mission has managed to unite a good many participants in a single delegation for the 2019 edition. The Mission is responsible for unifying French startups and promoting the image of French innovation across the world.

“I wanted the French presence to be harmonised for this new edition, in order to ensure that our delegation enjoys greater visibility, with over 400 companies to its credit”, the Minister of State explained. “We worked hand-in-hand with France’s regions so that the majority of startups would be united under the French Tech banner at the France Pavilion.”

With major representation in the health and connected-home sectors, the French delegation will be one of the show’s key actors. If further proof were needed, 57 companies have won recognition at the CES Innovation Awards, which rewards the edition’s most outstanding consumer products. In addition, two French companies, Beelife and Snips, have received the Best of Innovation Award, a kind of competition gold medal attributed to a single product per category.

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