The Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Overseas France presented a communication on the situation in French Guiana
5 April 2017

French Guiana: measures taken by the Council of Ministers

On Wednesday 5 April, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Overseas France presented a communication on the situation in French Guiana to report on their mission to French Guiana at the request of the Prime Minister.
Content published under the Government Cazeneuve from 2016 06th December to 2017 14th May
This trip aimed to continue the discussions initiated by the high-level delegation led by the Prefect Jean-François Cordet alongside all mobilised groups and political, economic and social partners.
The discussions held were concluded with twelve thematic agreements on key issues such as security and justice, the economy, fishing, transport, construction, public works, tourism, mining, agricultural development, energy, the situation of Amerindian and Bushinengue communities, land, and also road safety education. The signed protocols are a formal commitment of the State’s promises.
At the same time, through intensive interministerial work, more than 400 demands have received specific and detailed responses, with three quarters of these demands being met. The measures cover short and medium-term solutions across all sectors.
The Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Overseas France also presented an emergency plan for French Guiana, including 25 strategic measures costing an estimated 1.086 billion euros. In particular the plan provides for the appointment of a security forces coordinator, the arrival of 50 reinforcement gendarmes and police officers from 2017, with 90 additional gendarmes from 2018, the creation of a courthouse and a prison in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, as well as the creation of a judicial precinct in Cayenne. A refuge for women experiencing domestic violence will be created in French Guiana in 2017.
To ensure that all Guianese people receive the same quality of care as their fellow citizens living in France, 85 million euros will be allocated immediately to hospitals in Cayenne and western French Guiana.
With regard to education, starting this year the State proposes to support the territorial collectivity of French Guiana in building schools and colleges by contributing 50 million euros a year over five years, and to increase funding for municipalities from 10 to 15 million euros a year to build schools. The number of mother tongue speakers in schools will be doubled from the beginning of the 2017 school year.
In terms of infrastructure, the State will provide assistance for the construction of major infrastructures such as the widening of the Larivot bridge or the widening of the RN1 between Cayenne and Macouria and the RN2 between Cayenne and Matoury. These measures will also revive the Guianese economy in the short term, in particular by supporting the key activities of construction and public works.
From this week, farmers and fishermen, who are key to French Guiana’s economic growth, will benefit from the payment of 3.5 and 5.5 million euros in aid respectively, with a dedicated team of staff being sent to the territory.
In terms of support for local authorities, the Government will grant an advance of 4.5 million euros to the territorial collectivity of French Guiana and will transform the loan of 53 million euros it receives into an exceptional balancing subsidy to help the collectivity settle its debts relating to Guianese businesses. It will also receive an exceptional aid payment of 50 million euros associated with its RSA (inclusion income support) expenditure.
Each of these measures will be considered within the framework of a monitoring committee whose role will be to engage all political, economic and social forces in French Guiana.
This emergency plan must be accompanied by medium and long term measures that will be given prominence in the convergence plan for French Guiana to be drawn up pursuant to Law no. 2017-256 of 28 February 2017 on substantive equality for Overseas France.
The Government is more determined than ever to continue the dialogue which has begun, ensuring respect for all and for Republican values.